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 Down Comforter Size Guide

Plumeria Bay® duvets have been thoughtfully sized to fit most of the quality duvet covers made today (just a bit larger than the duvet cover is ideal), including all of those offered on our web site, as well as all standard depth and extra deep mattresses.

When laying on the bed, our regular sizes (Twin, Queen, King) will hang about 15" over the sides and foot of the bed. When one or two people get into the bed, the comforter will be pulled up to settle around the sleepers without hanging and dragging (causing a feeling of weight), over the side of the bed. Our Super sizes (Super Queen & Super King) are for people that wish to cover their extra deep (up to 19") mattresses.

Plumeria Bay® Comforter Sizes*:

  • Custom German Size: 54" x 78" For individual sleepers (for example, a couple that uses 2 different warmth duvets on the same bed).
  • Twin: 72" x 88" For Twin Size 38"x75" and Extra Long Twin 39"x80" beds.
  • Queen: 90" x 94" For Queen Size 60"x80" beds.
  • Super Queen: 100" x 100" For Queen Size Beds with extra deep or pillow top mattresses.
  • King & California King: 108" x 94" For King or Eastern King Size 76"x80" & California King Size 72"x84" beds.
  • Super King: 114" x 100" For King Size and California King beds with extra deep or pillow top mattresses.

*Comforter Dimensions are stated width first, then length. For example our King/Cal King Size down comforter is 108" wide by 94" long.

The above down comforter dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly depending on how much down is used in the comforter.

We specialize in Custom Size Down Comforters.

Fitting your duvet with a duvet cover: It's important to remember that the size of the duvet cover will determine how much "hang" you have over the sides of your bed. A good rule of thumb when fitting a duvet cover with a duvet is to use a duvet cover that is the same size as your comforter or smaller (we prefer about 2" smaller, more or less). A smaller duvet cover has the advantage of a nice snug fit, keeping the duvet from swimming around inside the duvet cover, while enhancing the loft of your duvet.

Down comforters are very fluid and will fit into a duvet cover that is several inches smaller without "bunching" up



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