Brahms Mount Pure Linen Blankets Twin: 72"x90"

Brahms Mount Pure Linen Flat Weave Blankets, Made in America.

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Brahms Mount Pure Linen Flat Weave Blankets. The finest that nature can provide. Linen is a hollow fiber insulator and absorbs moisture marvelously, keeping you absolutely comfortable; warm when it's cold, and cooler when the nights are warm.

Brahms Mount is the only North American weaver of this yarn and one of only a handful of Linen Blanket makers in the world. These blankets are heirlooms to treasure for generations.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Pure Linen
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Linen Luxury

Linen; A Marvel of Nature

Linen helps us sleep. Sleep comes quickly, is deeper and is more restful. In a humid environment we fall asleep more comfortably. The air maintained within the fiber makes it a natural insulator in winter. Its inherent wicking properties move moisture well creating both cool and comfortable summer nights.

Scientific experience confirms that both temperature and muscular tension are diminished when people use Linen fabrics. It is the most appropriate fiber to bring physical and psychic well-being. Mummies and mystics were wrapped in it because of its antimicrobial properties. Linen is environmentally friendly at all levels.

Brahms Mount states: "Our desire is to cuddle our customers in cotton or let them languor in the luxury of linen. According to the natural properties of the fibers, we believe that Cotton and Linen are the most comfortable and least allergically aggressive of all natural fibers.

"Comfort" is of the utmost concern to us and we define it in terms of many factors, amongst which insulation, moisture wicking, weight and visual aesthetics all play an important role. Our blankets are washable and this is always the best way to eliminate dust mites and other bedroom allergens and keep bedding fresh and vibrant. Where we use color we prefer to use Reactive dyes. These colors bind with the cellulose, Cotton or Linen, in such a manner that they remain fast to washing and fading for a considerable time period."

More About Linen

The Noble Fiber

Linen starts out as a plant, known as flax, that thrives in Northern Climates. It is planted as a dense crop where the stalks grow and support each other until the bloom of the beautiful flowers. When the seeds have ripened the stalks are pulled from the earth, and laid in rows to start the natural process of Retting.

The shive, covering the stalks breaks down in the natural elements of the air and morning dew. At this stage the fiber is garnered into the mill for the processes of Scutching, Hackling and Wet Spinning.

The yarn created has been known for centuries as the Noble Fiber, Linen. The crop is hardy and needs little in terms of chemicals to encourage and protect its growth. When it reaches the weaver it has no additives, yet may have been given a mild Hydrogen Peroxide bleach to create a Pearl colored yarn.

Flax provides seed of great nutritional importance. It is a replaceable resource that has little impact on water quality compared to all other fibers. Every part of the plant has a value. Linen is the symbol of true elegance. It is practical, ages beautifully, becoming softer with use. It is the healing fiber that promotes relaxation, breathing according to the body and the season.


Brahms Mount Linen Blankets usually ship within 1 to 2 weeks after your order is placed, directly to you from Brahms Mount.

Linen Care

Linen Loves Water

This special ability to absorb moisture is one reason Linen is so comfortable to sleep with.

Linen dislikes being dry as a bone. Ideally, when you wash your Linen Blanket, choose a front loading machine that will give plenty of room for circulation... A commercial machine is the best choice.

If you must use a Home machine then wash on a Gentle cycle with as much water as possible to allow for movement. Never use bleach and avoid harsh detergents. A detergent such as Cheer Free and Gentle is recommended.

Whenever linen rubs on itself in a "dry" condition it will abrade, and show fiber on the surface. Linen is a Natural fiber, it grew as a plant. Although it will not rot or mildew, the soft spun yarns that we chose for our blankets can be degraded in the laundry.

Careful drying is really important. Think of Linen as a woody fiber that will become brittle if it is dried at a high temperature or for an extended period. It is better to remove it slightly damp from the drier than to bake and break fibers. With due care your Linen Blanket will be a treasured heirloom for generations.

Remove promptly from washer and tumble dry on low.


Warranty and Terms

All Brahms Mount blankets are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects.

If you have received an item with a defect please notify us immediately (within 7 days) and we will help you work with Brahms Mount to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Returned or exchanged blankets must be in new, unused condition, in the original packaging.