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Traditional Luxury™ German Size Down Comforter - Light - 15oz Canadian White Goose Down

Traditional Luxury™  German Size Down Comforter Traditional Luxury™ German Size Down Comforter
Ultra Light Goose Down Duvet Traditional Luxury™ Ultra Light Goose Down Comforter
Light Warmth Goose Down Duvet Traditional Luxury™ Light Warmth Down Comforter
Winter Warmth Goose Down Duvet Traditional Luxury™ Winter Warmth Goose Down Comforter
Canadian Warmth Goose Down Duvet Traditional Luxury™ Canadian Winter Warmth Goose Down Comforter
Klondike Winter Warmth Goose Down Duvet Traditional Luxury™ Klondike Winter Warmth Goose Down Comforter
Traditional Luxury™  German Size Down Comforter Ultra Light Goose Down Duvet Light Warmth Goose Down Duvet Winter Warmth Goose Down Duvet Canadian Warmth Goose Down Duvet Klondike Winter Warmth Goose Down Duvet

Traditional Luxury™ German Size Down Comforter - Light - 15oz Canadian White Goose Down

$895.00 List Price
$581.75 Price
$313.25 - 35% You Save
  • Product Details
  • The Traditional Luxury™ German Size White Goose Down Comforter

    Filled with 850 Fill Power Canadian White Goose Down This classic goose down Comforter embodies everything one could expect in a fine quality duvet - and then some. The Traditional Luxury™ offers superior craftsmanship and value, and is our most popular down comforter.

  • Size:Custom German (54"x78")
  • Availability:Custom Size - Usually Ships in 3 to 4 Weeks
  • Warranty:20 Year Warranty.
  • Fabric:380 thread count cotton sateen. 3.2oz per square yard.
  • Style:Sealed Baffled Box Construction.
  • Fill:850 fill power Canadian White Goose Down in a full range of warmth levels. Custom fills are also available.

    Please click the information tabs (above) to learn more about these down comforters.

    * We recommend that your duvet cover be the same dimensions, or smaller (up to a few inches smaller is fine).


Traditional Luxury™ Down Proof Fabric

Starts with the finest cotton and decades of expertise in the weaving and finishing of down proof fabric. The end result is a superior quality down proof fabric that is very soft, yet extremely durable & very lightweight.

Specifications for our Traditional Luxury™ down-proof fabric:

  • 380 Threadcount Cotton Sateen
  • 3.2 oz per square yard
  • Soft, lightweight & strong.
  • Dust mite proof
  • Down will not shift or leak. Guaranteed.

More information about all of our down proof fabrics.

Down & Warmth

Down Comforter Warmth Levels

For Most People, a good choice for year around use, with bedroom temperatures of about 60°, would be our Light Warmth for average to warm sleepers, or the Winter Warmth for average to cold sleepers.

More detailed information about our down comforter warmth levels.

You can also view videos of our comforter warmth levels.

We can add more down to your comforter, but we cannot remove it. Because of the high quality of our goose down, many people are surprised at how warm our down comforters are.

If you are concerned about over heating, a good rule of thumb is to select a weight that is one weight lighter than you think will keep you comfortable. If, within 1 year of your purchase, you decide that you would like more down added, we only charge for the actual cost of the down and return shipping.

Traditional Luxury™ Down Comforters

Are filled with the finest 850 Fill Power Free Range Canadian White Goose Down.

This goose down is cleaned & sanitized using the Zurguard system; your assurance of the highest standards of freshness, purity and cleanliness. So clean, our goose down is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years.

Zurguard Clean Down


More information about our very special Canadian and German White Goose Down.



Treat Yourself....

To the height of the quilt makers art. Handmade in Canada to our exacting specifications, using the finest materials, tested designs and proven techniques.

  • Sealed baffled box construction ensures that the down will not shift. Guaranteed.
  • All baffle seams are tucked, never top sewn. This makes our seams stronger and completely down-proof. Guaranteed.
  • Plumeria Bay® Traditional Luxury duvets use only the finest 850 Fill Power Free Range Canadian White goose down.

Each Plumeria Bay® Goose Down Comforter is hand made to order and usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks (longer for custom sizes). Your credit card will be "authorized" for the purchase when you place your order, but it will not be charged until your comforter actually ships. Special terms shall apply for custom orders.


Caring for your down comforter

Is easy! Fluff daily, and keep in a duvet cover.

Down works best when it is fluffy! Please do not sit on your comforter for extended periods of time, or leave anything heavy on it.

Traditional Luxury™ Down Comforters are machine washable.

The bags our down comforters and pillows come in are breathable cotton and perfect for storing your items in!

More information about down comforter washing, storing & care.


Your Satisfaction

Is guaranteed. Return unused within 30 days, for any reason (no returns for custom sizes and fills).

  • 20 Year Warranty.
  • Down will not leak. Guaranteed.
  • Down will not shift. Guaranteed.
  • Hypoallergenic for 5 years. Guaranteed.

Please see our warranty page for details.


"All I can say is "we love it!!!" (Traditional Luxury Winter Warmth comforter, ed) We were skeptical about spending so much money for a comforter but have absolutely no complaints. It's light as air, well-made, and a sheet and the comforter is all we need for our California winter. I would definitely recommend it to my friends!! San Jose, CA

"The comforter (Traditional Luxury, ed) is great. Thank you for having recommended the light weight version – it is perfect. I appreciated you answering my questions and was impressed with the shipping arrangements and coordination of timely arrival before my departure.Thank you – it has been a good experience doing business with you." Hank, Fairfax, VA

"I’m on my sixth winter since purchasing my Traditional Queen comforter and thought I would drop a line to let you know how much am enjoying it.

Previously, I owned a department store comforter that was suppose to be down but I have wonder what kind of feathers were really in that thing. It was never particularly warm, the down was constantly shifting to the edges and it leaked feathers. Every time I changed sheets and had to re-fluff the comforter to get the feathers back to the middle. What a PITA. A definite case of you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, my Plumeria Bay comforter has been perfect. Toasty warm, the down never shifts and it has never leaked one feather. I never even need to fluff it up as the down never seems to get matted down. Just normally making the bed seems to keep in in tip top shape.

Since I live in Phoenix most people think there would be no need for down and although I rarely run my heat, the winter nights are quite cool. My house is typically in the mid to upper 50’s by morning during our cold snaps and around 60°F typically. With my comforter and a set of flannel sheets these temps are no problem. I’m toasty warm. What amazes me is when if I get out of bed I can come back in 20-30 minutes and the bed will still be comfy, hardly cooling off at all." Jim, Chandler, AZ

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