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Reviews of our Down Comforters & Down Pillows

Our customers are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we're doing.

For a change of pace, here are some letters from customers when things didn't go quite as we would hope: Lessons Learned.


"We are totally satisfied with the Apres duvet comforter. It is everything you stated. You guys are first class." Steve - Calabasas, CA

"I can’t tell you how nervous I was to plunk down close to two grand on bedding that I didn’t see in person, and from a company that I never heard of. Thankfully, the duvet exceeds my expectations, which is hard to do with me. The duvet is luxurious. It’s rare that I find the motto, “you get what you pay for” true today, but with this duvet, I certainly got what I paid for." Gloria - Washington, DC

"We have been delighted with both. (Eiderdown duvet & The Plumeria pillow, ed) I hope your business prospers. You produce one of the few luxury products costly due to intrinsic merit as opposed to ephemeral style." Peter - Palo Alto, CA

"Everything from start to finish went very well and actually exceeded our expectations. The Silk fabric was of a higher quality than we expected--it really is so beautiful my wife didn't want to put it inside a Duvet cover! It's been a long time since I've felt true 100% down filling, but you can really tell just by the feel. The Duvet is very warm for the weight and we're both happy we went with the dual-warmth option. Because of it's quality, I'm fairly certain this Duvet (Silk Plumeria) will be the last one we'll need for a very long time." Gary - Gig Harbor, WA

"Do you know how nervous I was ordering this down pillow? In all my 80 some years the most I ever allowed myself to spend for a down pillow was $120 dollars...tops. I have major neck and back pain at night and was looking for relief in a better pillow. Well, I FOUND IT!!! My Plumeria Bay pillow is the most wonderful pillow ever! It is all you claim it to be and much, much more. Not only is this pillow THE BEST but your service is fabulous in every way. Very fast delivery, clean and neat packaging. The pillow even came in its own (well made) cotton storage bag! Pure luxury. I will never give up my super-wonderful Plumeria Bay pillow. Thank you, thank you so very much." Ellen - Shelton, WA

"The ordering was wonderful, personable as I had some specific questions, great guidance and advice and suggestions.

The down is exquisite and so much better than all other down I have ordered in the past.

In a heartbeat, I would and will order again !!!!

Thank you for being there for us as a consumer of fine bedding." Nancy - Houston, TX

"I think my new pillow is superb: a really good extra soft is so hard to find, and I love the fluffy down you use, real old-world quality." Jeff - Malvern, PA

"All I can say is "we love it!!!" (Traditional Luxury Winter Warmth comforter, ed) We were skeptical about spending so much money for a comforter but have absolutely no complaints. It's light as air, well-made, and a sheet and the comforter is all we need for our California winter. I would definitely recommend it to my friends!! San Jose, CA

"We upgraded to the Apres and love it!!!! I look forward to getting in bed with it every night :). Even the bag it goes in is lovely. You are a class act!" Elisa, Evanston, IL

"We just finished installing the (name witheld) reidence last week, The silk comforters are AMAZING! wow! They are wonderful, I don’t think we can ever specify anything else!" Eva - Beverly Hills, CA

"After an exhaustive search trying to find an extremely well constructed Goose Down Comforter that met all of our required standards, we found Plumeria Bay. The quality and attention to detail that was involved in the making of the comforter has made it a really good investment and a unbelievable joy to sleep under every night." Nick - Raleigh, NC

"Great customer service and an amazing product. We will be return customers." Jess & Bill - New Port Richey, FL

"I tell anyone who is looking for a comforter to check out your website. Thanks again--and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you." Alice - Willits, CA

"Outstanding quality and service. We have ordered 2 comforters and they are fantastic. Top that with exceptional service, delivery, web site detailed description of products and care, and a CEO who actually answers the phone to take your order. It doesn't get better than this" - Helena - Venice, CA

"My husband is sleeping with one of your soft pillows and he absolutely loves it. I am also very happy with the extra soft pillow I purchased. The quality of Plumeria Bay goose down pillows exceeded my expectations. I considered several other down pillow companies before making the decision to purchase from Plumeria Bay. I am happy I did." Judy - Redwood City, CA

"I received duvet and featherbed exactly on date promised. Both exceeded my expectations in every way. Quality of materials, construction, loft and softness. I will never purchase bedding products from any other source. I will highly recommend Plumeria products to everyone I know. Thanks again." Michael -Kernville CA.

"I love that featherbed. (Cirrus) Never saw anything like it. Amazing. Thank you." Selina - New York City

"My wife liked your products so much we just ordered a couple more items." Scott - Peoria, AZ

"The pillows are wonderful! They are just perfect. Soft with just the right amount of support. The down is great. You can't feel any of the prickly ends of the feathers, just the softness. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good European square pillow in the U.S.! I was so happy to find your company. My mother is Scandinavian so we always had European Square pillows, but when mine finally tore I didn't know what to do short of going to Denmark! Luckily, I found Plumeria Bay. Thanks so much, take care." Nina - Brooklyn, NY

"The regular Plumeria king I received fits perfectly in our Frete duvet and is the perfect warmth. It is of the superior quality I hoped for (without upgrading the ultra-luxurious eiderdown). I had looked at other hight-end duvets and found things I didn't like: batiste fabric that was crunchy/noisey or odd smells or not more than 90% down on the label or lower loft rating. Your construction has even distribution of fluffy down with quality materials.

The next time I need a duvet, I will happily purchase from Plumeria. If I'm lucky, I'll be buying an eiderdown!

Thank you for providing a lovely, high-quality product." Beverly - Ojai, CA

"The comforters are exactly as advertised, and arrived promptly -- I would definitely recommend your company. Thank you so much!" Leslie - Wilmington, DE

"I love them they are fantastic, best pillows I have ever purchased. They will last years also I deeply appreciate the fabulous cases they came with!" Lisa - Anderson, CA

"When we opened the door to our new apartment in NYC, there were all kinds of boxes with deliveries of various things but the first thing I did was run to the Plumeria Bay box and scream "Yay, My pillow's here!" For the first time in this apartment, I had a comfortable night's sleep. Totally worth the wait and the insane expense. Once you sleep on Plumeria Bay, nothing else is comfortable. Thank you so much." Fran - New York City

"The comforter and the fabric is truly fabulous. (The Plumeria™ Winter warmth & Sferra Giza 45 Percal duvet cover) It is light, and has coolness and warmth at the same time. It feels so nice. My wife loves it. Our daughter sneaks in to our bed. Our cat, she always knows the best spot in our house, decided to sleep on it during the day time. Thank you." Kida - Palo Alto, CA

"Love it all. (Eiderdown duvet & Sferra Giza 45 duvet cover) It is the best!!!" Laura - Saratoga, WY

"It is a wonderful pillow (Traditional Luxury - ed), probably the best I have ever slept on. Thank you so much. You have made a lifetime customer!" Leslie - Carlsbad, CA

"Everyone who comes to our home covets our sheets and I give them your web link. You are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate the high standard you hold yourself and your company to. I have bought all my bedding from you for about 10 years now and have never been disappointed." Uta - Los Angeles, CA

"We’ve only had the comforter for a couple of days, but I have to tell you that we are IMPRESSED!" James - Fairbanks, Alaska

"The comforter is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you." Karen - Aspen, CO

"Plumeria Bay is everything they say they are, and all that the positive testimonials would lead one to believe. The company actually listens and responds in a meaningful way even when, as in my case, its not necessarily to their advantage to do so. I am pleased with the quality of the two duvets I purchased, as well as the excellent service I received. I would definitely purchase again." Tom - Caledonia, Michigan

"Thanks for the great pillow..I am in Afghanistan working on a construction contract for the last 2 years and my work takes me all over the is sure alot nicer with my down pillow." Tom - Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan

"We just recieved our 800 fill White Goose Down Comforter. Wow! From the moment I opened the box I knew I made the right decision to purchase from Plumeria Bay. The storage bag was very nice and the catalog was beautiful but the greatest satisfaction came from seeing and using the comforter. The loft of the comforter was like nothing I have seen and yet it was weightless! I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud! Your customer service was excellent. The gentleman I spoke with was very knowledgable about the products. Thank you so much for running a top notch company and providing the very best in down bedding." Gerry - Ashburn, VA

"Customer Recommendation: I live in Charlotte, NC and I agonized over this decision because I am cold-natured and my husband is hot-natured. We keep the house temp. at 66 in the winter and 76 in the summer. I bought my 1st comforter from Plumeria 4 years ago and I just purchased my 2nd Traditional Luxury Down Comforter for a guest room. It is PERFECT for this area. We are both VERY comfortable in the winter and summer!" Erin - Charlotte, NC

"Hello again, I love my comforter! Regards from Brooklyn, NY" Sara

"Great product. Bought one of your Luxury down comforters for my daughter last year and couldn't have been more pleased. Thought I would try another company this year when shopping for my other daughter. The competitor's product, while advertised as the same fill and quality, was half the volume of your product. Returned it the next day and ordered your product. It arrived today. Same great quality." Grant - Neenah, WI

"You should know that everyone I have told about your shop has been really happy with what they bought." Uta - Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful new duvet cover arrived a few days ago, during a rather warm patch. So we didn't get the comforter set put together and on the bed until last night... when we had a 20-degree drop in temperature. It was heavenly!!! The gorgeous claret color cover is stunning, the cover fabric is lush, and the comforter is everything we were hoping for. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful new luxury in our lives!" Martha - Santa Fe, NM

"Our silk-covered Eiderdown comforter exceeded our lofty expectations. Warm, light as a feather, so to speak, and breathes well enough to be comfortable also on warm nights. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. My wife was deeply skeptical about spending that much for a down comforter, when we could easily have spent 1/10th as much (or less). But, after one night, she was already raving about it. I do absolutely love it!!!" Rob - Pasadena, CA

"I selected your items expecting above average quality and workmanship. I have not been disappointed! I sincerely appreciate the great attention to detail and your excellent customer support. I could not be happier." Mitchell - Staten Island, NY

" The comforter is heaven, well worth the shipping and VAT costs. I wouldn't choose any other! My mother loves her Plumeria comforter, she's not been ill all winter. Each winter she suffers a month long struggle with pneumonia, but this winter, not a sniffle. I couldn't be happier! Thank you for everything!" Susan - Across The Pond

"The Apres Tencel is outstanding. Thanks for your help in making my selection." Chris - Fort Worth, TX

"This was a great investment. I can't believe how much better we both sleep. Thanks." Curt - Riverside, CA

"The comforter arrived just when you said it would and it is a gross understatement to say that we love it. It far exceeded our expectations for the price so all we can say is thank you for such a tremendous product. You are always a little apprehensive about buying things on the Internet (sight unseen), but your website and product descriptions just felt right to me and that's after several days of searching for down comforters from here to Hungary. After receiving the comforter, I had no reason to be uneasy about the purchase. It was a real pleasure. In the spring I will order the lighter weight version for summer. I also plan to add one to the bed in the guest bedroom. This might be a mistake since visitors will not want to leave, but I'll chance it. Thanks again for such a great product." Frank - Surprise, AZ

"My grandmother, who is soon to be 97 years old and knows a good down pillow, simply loves her Plumeria Bay pillows." Cathy - Scottsdale, AZ & St. Petersburg, FL

"Thank you for your wonderful products, I am so delighted with my pillows. Many thanks for your exceptional service and I will be buying more lovely down products from you soon." Tess - Brooklyn, NY

"Over the years we have ordered from various companies, and the quality of Plumeria Bay is superior." Marion - Ventura, CA

"We love our new comforter. I wish you could see the smile on my husbands face when he smooshes into it." Ilana - Los Altos, CA

"I have received the comforter and it is Perfect!! The size is great. Thanks for all your help" DeLou, Grand Prarie, TX

"We have slept under the eiderdown duvet for two nights now and IT IS A DREAM!!!! We love it. I just can't say enough good things about your duvet. I am so happy. Thanks again for such a lovely addition to our lives." Maylan, Telluride CO

"We love our new pillows and will not only think of you for our next bedding purchase, but will refer everyone we know to you!" Lisa - Chicago, IL

"Great product. Super soft (Apres - ed) as promised. Best of all, happy wife. Who would've thought." William - Cranford, NJ

"I absolutely love the down comforter I ordered from Plumeria Bay and I would not buy one from anywhere else! It is absolutely beautiful!!! I will continue to get any comforters from your company and I will tell other people how awesome your comforters are. Thank you very much. I could not be more pleased!!!! Nancy - Paradise, MI

"Wow; better than a cloud. First thing in the morning my grand kids came in and I said "Get under the covers with Gram" and my darling 4 year old granddaughter said "It is so comfy cozy grandma." Love it. Thank you." DS - San Diego, CA

"Just wanted to say thanks again. It (Silk Ultra Light Eiderdown Comforter - ed) is really just perfect." Tom - San Francisco, CA

"We love the down comforter. We have tried many and not a single one compares to this one for its size, lightness and warmth. You said we would be pleased. You were right. We have already recommended you to a number of our friends." Anthony - Pittsburg, PA

"Thank you soooo much. This comforter is the warmest, most comfortable sleep I have ever had!!" Tim - Tubac, AZ

"The featherbed is fabulous. I was looking for a featherbed more luxurious than what most stores/web sites sell. You sell a very high-quality product that lives up to its description on the web site." Beth - Broomfield, CO

"The comforter (Apres) I ordered is absolutely the most luxurious bedding we have ever had. Both my husband and I are more than satisfied with our on line shopping experience (the site was very informative and so easy to use) and above all with the quality of the comforter. Although the bedding was expensive it was worth every penny. It's like sleeping in a silken cloud." ES

"Steve, we are thrilled with our new comforter. We replaced a high-end (true baffle) department store down comforter with your light-weight comforter. What a difference! No more lumps. Practically weightless. Perfect warmth for those of us who keep our rooms at 65-68° (cool, but not arctic). We have actually noticed an improvement in our sleep. Not to mention the absolutely wonderful service we received from beginning to end. I did extensive research -- including the numerous questions you answered -- and this was definitely the best bang-for-the-buck. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience." Amy - Fort Collins, CO

"We love the featherbed. This morning after our first night's sleep on the featherbed my husband said it was the best night's sleep he's had in a long time and he wants me to order one for our home in Cincinnati. You have a wonderful product." Sue - Cincinnati, OH

"Steve - We are absolutely delighted with our purchase. You have a great product and a great operation. We spent weeks looking for a comforter to fit our duvet cover and it wasn't until I stumbled upon your web site that we found our solution. It fit perfect; to the inch! Outstanding product and shopping experience! Worth every penny. You have a lifetime customer! We're telling all our friends and family about your business. Thanks!" Bob & Erin, Redmond, WA

"We are very happy with the comforter. I'm glad I got the (Apres Tencel) and the winter weight" Mark - Oakland, CA

"Dear Steve: I ordered a pillow to try a few weeks ago. Wanted you to know I LOVE it and I've ordered the other two. I've been looking for the right down pillow for years and this is it! Thank you - my neck thanks you, too :-) Thanks." SP

"My purchase was for my Mother and Father for Christmas and they were thrilled with the down blanket .........Thanks again." Debra - Milford, OH & Bradenton, FL

"It is lovely (eiderdown comforter - ed.) and was certainly worth waiting for." Mary - Arlington, VA

"The comforter is absolutely perfect in every way!" Lucinda - Winchester, KY

"Great Comforter!!'s so fluffy and warm!!! I'm really happy with it-thanks for all of your help. I think I'll be buying another one for summer" Cristina - San Francisco, CA

"love it..." (eiderdown comforter - ed) Tad - Santa Barbara, CA

"Your customer service is the best and much appreciated!" Claudia - Medford, OR

"I am thrilled with the quality, warmth and light weight of the down comforter." Renee - Philadelphia, PA

"The comforter is magnificent -- I love that new fabric (Apres Tencel -ed), I was hesitant at first (not to get cotton) but I'm so glad I tried something different. Great product at a very competitive price! Thanks." Jon - New York, NY

"The comforters are truly wonderful! I was hoping they would be as good as they sounded: and they are!" Michelle - Pittsburg, PA

"My comforter arrived and it is indeed fabulous. Your products are so superior to anything out there!" Bette-Lynn Edgewater, MD

"I have received my comforter and it is beautiful. You're the best. I want to thank you for a quality product and such a phenomenal company." Rene - New Brunswick, NJ

"Hi Steve, It is wonderful when you receive something that exceeds your expectations; this is quite an accomplishment with me because my expectations are always very high. But you've managed to do it. The comforter (Traditional Luxury - ed.) is the height of luxury; the quality of the workmanship is unsurpassed. What a pleasure it was to open the box to reveal the beauty inside. Of course, the custom xlong featherbeds and covers are of the same high quality. We are looking forward to sinking into their depths and getting a good restful sleep. THANKS AGAIN FOR SUCH WONDERFUL WORKMANSHIP! I am a customer for life." Janice - Chagrin Falls, OH

"Your comforter (Natural Silk - ed) is everything I expected and I have urged my mother to order one." Priscilla - Palo Alto, CA

"Steve - The eiderdown is wonderful!" Barbara - Philadelphia, PA

"Dear Steve, Our greatest fear when dealing with on-line businesses has always been "What if something goes wrong?", but you have outdone even the best catalogue or 'brick & mortar' companies we've ever dealt with (dare I say even LL Bean!). Thanks for everything." Eric - North Kingstown, RI

"Dear Steve, We LOVE our comforter! I would definitely order any bedding from your company again. Thank you for your great service. Sincerely" Ann - Birmingham, AL

"We are extremely happy with the Plumeria Bay Eiderdown Comforter. It is wonderfully warm and very well made. Thank you very much." Anna - Washington, DC

"Hi Steve - thanks for the quick shipping, and I do love the comforter (Natural Silk Comforter - ed). It's incredibly warm, silky and beautiful. Regards" Sabrina - Cos Cob, CT

"They are wonderful. (Traditional Luxury Down Comforter and Down Pillows - ed) I will be a returning customer. Take care." Lindsey - San Francisco, CA

"Hi Steve, We absolutely love our comforter. It is certainly living up to our expectations and more. I think we will definitely save money on our heating bill this year! Thanks for everything. You made this experience very pleasant and worry free. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. Sincerely" Eric - Eliot, ME

"It's great. We love it. Thank you very much!" MB

"We love the comforter (Traditional Luxury - ed) and pillows! I love how incredibly full it is! The pillows are also just the right amount of firmness. Everything is exactly what you said it would be. Thanks again..." RH

"These pillows are wonderful! I gave my husband two for Christmas and have been envious of them since. Now I have my own and I'm thrilled. Thanks!" JJ

"It's Fabulous!" (Mulberry Comforter) SS

"'s WONDERFUL! (Featherbed) ..Thanks for the great product and customer service." MG

"The pillow (silk covered down pillow) arrived yesterday and we're very pleased... You really exceeded our expectations... you're really a class act. Thanks again for all your help and going the extra mile." JL


"...I LOVE them! The (Mulberry) silk comforter is simply divine... and the down pillows are just what my bed needed. I'm very happy with everything." AD

"We love the comforter. It is so nice and lightweight." TD

"You guys are the best, the service and the product quality were superb. Thanks again." CW

"Of all the Internet sites that I could have ordered a pillow from, I am glad that I ordered from your site. Not only is the pillow high quality in construction and materials, you have given me excellent service... You have made a client of me." JE

"I am absolutely happy with the comforter (Traditional Luxury - ed). Most of my purchases don't involve the bedroom but if they should I will look to Plumeria Bay first. Sincerely." MA

"The pillow was for my husband, who has been complaining for the longest time that "our pillows suck!" I had spent a fortune in the past trying to get "a right one" without any success. I am happy to report that he is VERY happy with your pillow." Y

"The comforter (silk covered down) is wonderful - I love it!" BS

"Absolutely superb." RB (a custom comforter, to customer specifications)


Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to write and tell us about your experience with our products and service. It is always deeply appreciated.



“I'm not usually one to gush over a product, but...”
“The comforter is absolutely perfect in every way!”
“The featherbed is fabulous.”
“ is a gross understatement to say that we love it.”
"...a very high-quality product that lives up to its description..."
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