Lessons Learned

We try to be perfect, sometimes we're not. This is our page of un-testimonials. Back to the good stuff.


"Our wonderful comforter has a small tear in it along a seam edge."

This, as it turned out, was a manufacturing defect. The stitching had pulled apart. This is the only time (2004) I have seen this happen, before or since. The comforter was fairly new so we paid for the return shipping, confirmed the defect, carefully examined the comforter for other possible issues (found none) and repaired the stitching. - Steve


"We received our featherbed last Friday. Unfortunately, my husband took one look at it and said "no way". We slept on a featherbed recently in a hotel and liked it - but it was nothing like what you sent"

True, our featherbeds are very thick and full, different from almost all others. - Steve


"The comforter you exchanged for me is absolutely perfect in every way! The additional down provided the look I wanted."

I'm glad we were able to help! - Steve


"The comforter is terrific. The pillow unfortunately just isn't my cup of tea, but K... loves it!!! I need to have a very 'low profile' pillow for my back."

True again, our goose down pillows, even our "Soft" pillow, are definitely not low profile, especially to begin with. We do this because down pillows "break in" with use, becoming softer (and flatter) with time.  Update - we now offer an Extra Soft pillow for those that do not want much support at all. - Steve


"Your product is quite a disappointment. We ordered a Soft and a Medium pillow... both of them are too firm and full. Either it was bad advice on your web site or your pillows are just not as comfortable as advertised. We've both slept on much more luxurious pillows before, and expected same for these prices."

Well, if we're going to post the best of the best, we should also post the worst of the worst. In working with this customer we reminded them of our Perfect Fill™ service and that our guidelines for choosing a pillow are, of necessity, general in nature. - Steve


"My comforter arrived and it is indeed fabulous. The problem is that with the higher quality down it is not cooler than the one I have."

This is a good illustration of why we recommend going with a lighter warmth than you think you might need, especially if you are comparing our comforters to a department store comforter, or if you are concerned about being too warm. Remember, we can always add more down, but we cannot take any out." - Steve


"The pillow arrived without the protector I ordered. Can you fix this?"

Oops. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, an error is made when packing the order. We immediately correct any errors. - Steve


"Our cat got stuck in our son's room and peed on the goose down comforter. What should I do?"

O. K., so that is really another topic altogether and offered as a bit of comic relief, although it's not so funny when it's your comforter that's been peed on! - Steve


Thanks to everyone for taking your valuable time to write and tell us about your experience with our products and service. It is always deeply appreciated, even when the feedback is not so positive.


Steve Clay, Pesident Plumeria Bay, Inc.

What Our Customers Say - We learn from the good stuff too!



“Great customer service and an amazing product. We will be return customers.”
“....a very high-quality product that lives up to its description...”
“The very best I've encountered...”
“The featherbed is fabulous.”
“My grandmother... simply loves her Plumeria Bay pillows.”
“The comforter is absolutely perfect in every way!”
“Great Value, Great Quality”
“In a heartbeat, I would and will order again !!!!”
“...it is a gross understatement to say that we love it.”
“It doesn't get better than this”
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