About Eiderdown

Eiderdown, The Eider Duck & The Sanctuary Farmer

Eiderdown, or eider down, comes from the Eider Duck, a large migratory sea duck. Eiderdown is exceptionally soft and has insulating properties superior to any other down. The eiderdown used in our luxury duvets and pillows comes from Iceland, in special sanctuaries where the eider ducks can safely rest and nest during their annual migration.

image of an eider duck nest

The female eider duck plucks down from her breast to line her nest and cover the eggs. Once the nest is abandoned, the eiderdown is gathered. The birds are not disturbed, and are actually attracted to these safe areas by the farmers who supply food and protect these birds from poachers. This relationship between wild eider duck and farmer has existed for generations and helps insure the continued existence of a beautiful rare bird and a valuable resource.

image of an eiderdown cluster

Eiderdown, when used in comforters (or duvets) and pillows, tests at approximately 700 fill power. Yet, due to the "hooks" in the eiderdown cluster it has a phenomenal density and cling and insulates at an amazing 1000+ fill power. If you were to hold a small amount of eiderdown in the palm of your hand you would feel no weight, just a soft growing warmth.

Eiderdown is extremely rare, which helps account for it's costliness. It is also the softest, lightest and warmest down in the world. Our eiderdown comforters and pillows are highly prized for the quality of the certified 99.9% pure eiderdown as well as the quality of the heirloom fabrics and hand sewn craftsmanship. Eiderdown warranty.

image of a male and female eider duck
The Male and Female Eider Duck