Our Goose Down

The Best in The World, From Around The World

Plumeria Bay® uses the finest White Goose Down from around the world in our down comforters and pillows.

Our Cascadia Down: Used in The Cascadia™ duvets and pillows, this 675 fill power white goose down is sourced from around the world to take advantage of the often (very) dynamic nature of todays market for quality goose down. This goose down comes from Hungary, Poland, China and Canada. It is processed and cleaned in Canada to the highest standards of freshness, purity and cleanliness. In fact, it is so clean it is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years.

Our Canadian Down: Used in our Traditional Luxury™ and The Après™ duvets and pillows. This Free Range White Goose Down comes from the Lajord Hutterites in Saskatchewan, Canada. This colony prides itself as the home of some of the finest of all the Hutterite downs raised anywhere. This goose down is the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America. 850 fill power. Guaranteed hypoallergenic for 5 years.

Our German Down: Used in our namesake duvets & pillows, The Plumeria™ & The Silk Plumeria™, this is simply the finest mature white goose down in the world, meticulously hand sorted to obtain the largest clusters, with the highest densities and cling. Incredibly soft, it behaves as if it were a white eiderdown. Truly an heirloom goose down that will last for generations. 800 fill power (but so dense it insulates at an equivalent of 900 fill power) and guaranteed hypoallergenic for 5 years.

Eiderdown: From sanctuaries in the wild, to the sanctuary of your bedroom, please click here to learn more.

All Plumeria Bay® down goes through an extensive state-of-the-art cleaning and sanitizing process and is certified Zurguard pure.

By the time this gentle cleaning process is complete, our down is considered sterilized, bacteria free and hypoallergenic with minimum standards for turbidity at 900 to 1000 mm & oxygen at 2 or less (this is very clean!). In fact, it is so clean that our down comforters and pillows are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years.

You may want to read our comforter warmth guide for information on how to pick the comforter that is just right for you.

Looking for the perfect down pillow? Here's some guidelines to help you select the proper firmness.

For more yet more information about goose down and fill power, please read this article: about Goose Down and Fill Power.

The origin of your goose down can be useful to know. As noted above, we use very special goose down that comes from from Canada and Germany. Most of the worlds goose down comes from China, and then Europe (particularly Poland and Hungary). Goose down from China can be inconsistent in quality (when processed in China). Hungarian and Polish goose down can be of very good quality and is widely available. If you see a product advertised as Siberian Goose Down, you should be aware that this is basically sales hype. We do not know of any goose down that actually comes from Siberia.

Is that a spot of gray that I see?! Sometimes, you may notice dark spots through the fabric on your comforter or pillow. These are dark (gray) clusters of down and are present, to some degree, in even the highest quality (unbleached) hand selected white goose down. Goose down turns gray as the goose gets older (just like our hair). This is natural, and the fill is not inferior in any way. When present, these random dark clusters are usually only visible when compressed under the fine white fabric. If you were to open the pillow or comforter and allow the down to expand it would be very difficult to see any dark clusters.

For more information about down content please read about the Law Label.

Our experience has shown that many people are truly surprised by the warmth of our down comforters. If you are unsure about which warmth level to select (Light, Winter, etc.) consider selecting a comforter that is one step lighter than you think you might need. We can always add more down to your comforter, anytime within 1 year of your purchase, charging only for additional down added and return shipping. But we cannot remove it.

image of a fluffy comforter filled with Canadian white goose down

Our Traditional Luxury™ Comforter Filled With Canadian White Goose Down