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What is a Duvet?

All About Duvets and Duvet Covers

A duvet, pronounced "due-vay" ("duvet" means "down" in old French) is a down comforter; that is, a comforter filled with down.

These days, many people use the term "Duvet" to refer to any kind of comforter, regardless of what the comforter is filled with (down, cotton, wool or synthetics such as polyester, etc.). We're not too fussy about it. As long as "duvet" is used to describe a comforter of some kind, and not a duvet cover, we'll know what you're talking about.

What can be confusing is when people say "duvet" when referring to a duvet cover.

A duvet cover is the protective cover that slips over the down comforter (or duvet), much like a pillow case on a pillow. Duvet covers are available in a wide variety of color and design choices. This opens up a whole world of possibility when the time comes to change the look of your bedroom, without having to purchase a new duvet.

How To Use A Duvet Cover

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A Duvet is a Down Comforter. A Quality Duvet is Warm Fluffy Goodness

image of a fluffy goose down duvet

A Plumeria Bay® winter warmth duvet

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A (quality) duvet is soft and fluffy, lightweight yet warm. A delight to sleep under, as cozy as you could ever wish, a duvet can help to make your bed your absolute favorite place to be. Your duvet is best used with a duvet cover, both to protect the comforter and to provide a design statement/accent.

These days, a quality duvet is much more than a rough cloth bag filled with the inedible portions of last nights supper! Luxurious soft down proof fabrics, highly processed, super clean, de-dusted and sanitized white goose down and state of the art baffled box construction result's in a comforter that will stay fluffy and warm for many years to come.

Duvets are available in a wide range of down proof fabrics and construction styles such as Sewn Through, Channel and Baffled Box. Our down comforter buying guide is a good place to learn more about what makes a good quality down comforter and about Plumeria Bay® duvets in particular.

The inside story: What goes in your duvet is at least as important as the fabric that your duvet is made with. "Down" is available in a wide range of fill qualities, from duck feather and duck down blends to the finest large cluster white goose down. The law label attached to the duvet will describe, to some extent, what the duvet is filled with.

However, it is also important to understand, and be aware, of what the law label does not state: For example, if the law label does not state "White Goose Down", the comforter is likely filled with a less costly gray down. If the law label states "Down" instead of "Goose Down", the comforter is likely filled with duck down.

The law label will also state the Fill Power of the down that is used in the comforter.

A duvet that is filled with a high quality goose down will offer a wider comfort range (cooler when it's warm, warmer when it's cold) than a lower quality goose down of the same weight. This is because a high quality goose down has more fibers, allowing it to insulate and breath better, compared to a lower quality down.

A high quality goose down is also superior to modern synthetic fills, with one exception: Goose down (or any down, for that matter) does not perform well when wet.

It is interesting to note that "Eiderdowns" or "eider down quilts" were also terms used to describe a down duvet whether or not it was actually filled with eiderdown. This practice continues to this day, and it's not just Grandma referring to her precious "eiderdown".

About Eiderdown

It is, unfortunately, fairly common for down products to be misrepresented by unscrupulous merchants, especially as high quality materials become more costly, and desirable.

Down Alternative Comforters: Marketed as having the warmth and comfort of down, mainly as an affordable alternative or for people that have allergy issues with down. These comforters are usually filled with synthetic fibers such as Primaloft®.

While these synthetic fills certainly have their place, especially in outdoor gear that may be exposed to rain, there really is no equal to a high quality goose down comforter when it comes to warmth and soft fluffiness.

As far as allergies to down; the vast majority of people that are "allergic" to down are actually allergic to the dust and dander that can be present in down that has not been properly cleaned. Plumeria Bay® goose down is meticulously cleaned, de-dusted and sterilized and is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

Quilts, often confused with comforters, have become the medium for some amazingly beautiful and elaborate creations that can take the artist months and even years to complete. Featuring designs that range from traditional to impressionistic to abstract to realistic and everything in between, often with intricate stitching and a wide array of fabric choices; the quilt as art is something to behold.

These priceless creations will often be found displayed as wall hangings and will never even see a bed.


image of quilts at the local county fair

Quilts, at the local County Fair

A rose by any other name...

No matter what you call your comforter: A duvet, continental quilt, doona, dyne, federbett, duvet insert or Mr. Fluffy, we think there's nothing quite like cuddling beneath a wonderful cloud of soft warm fluffy goodness, all protected, of course, by a duvet cover.


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