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The Duvet and Duvet Cover, Demystified

Many people in the U.S., including retailers that should know better, refer to the "Duvet Cover" as a "Duvet". I admit to being a little puzzled by this. It's like calling a pillow case a pillow. Maybe it's because the word "duvet" sounds a bit pretentious to our American ear and we become subconsciously determined to bastardize the meaning? I'm not Dr. Phil, or prepared to psychoanalyze America, so I will simply strive to provide some clarity re; the great American Duvet Cover vs. Duvet debate.

Image of Lucy at her roadside psychoanalyst stand. The Doctor Is In

A duvet, pronounced "due-vay", is a comforter. More accurately; a duvet is a down comforter. The word "duvet" derived from Old French, literally means "down, the feathers from young birds". So, a duvet is a comforter filled with down (the soft under plumage from waterfowl) for insulation instead of cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester that would be used for insulation in a (non-down) comforter or quilt.

A Duvet is a Down Comforter

A Plumeria Bay Winter Warmth Goose Down Duvet, or Comforter
A Plumeria Bay® winter warmth duvet

A Duvet Cover Is...

A Duvet Cover is the protective cover that slips over the comforter, much like a pillow case on a pillow. Duvet covers and coordinating bed linens are available in many fabric choices and an almost infinite variety of colors and designs.


A duvet cover, on a lightweight down comforter
Duvet covers and matching/coordinating bed linens are available in a wide variety of color and design options.

Why Use A Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover helps to protect your comforter from stains, fabric yellowing from body oils, and general wear and tear. This is why most manufacturers of quality down comforters (including Plumeria Bay®) stipulate the use of a duvet cover as part of their warranty. That practical consideration aside, a duvet cover is a great way to add color and design to your bedroom.

You can explore our favorite duvet covers, along with coordinating sheets, pillow cases, shams and bed skirts, here. Never used a duvet cover before? Here's some tips on how to use a duvet cover. A little mystified by terms like pillow shams and bed skirts? Here's our guide to a well dressed bed.

Duvet, Down Comforter, Quilt, Doona, Federbett, Fluffy Goodness

Down comforters have been keeping people warm for centuries, beginning in rural Europe, along with featherbeds. They were often filled with whatever kind of feathers and down, fowl or fair, that happened to be available. These days a down comforter is much more than a rough cloth bag filled with the inedible portions of last nights supper! Luxuriously soft down proof fabrics, highly processed, super clean, de-dusted and sanitized white goose down and state of the art sealed baffled box construction result in a comforter that will stay fluffy and warm for many years to come.

Down Comforters are available in a wide range of down proof fabrics and construction styles such as Sewn Through, Channel and Baffled Box. Our down comforter buying guide is a good place to learn more about what makes a good quality down comforter and about Plumeria Bay® duvets in particular.

A Quilt, in it's most basic form, is a comforter or quilted blanket that is usually filled with cotton or a synthetic batting such as Primaloft®, and sewn through from top to bottom. These bed covers have also become the medium for some amazingly beautiful and elaborate creations that can take the artist months and even years to complete. Featuring designs that range from traditional to impressionistic to abstract to realistic and everything in between, often with intricate stitching and a wide array of fabric choices; the quilt as art is something to behold.

These priceless creations will often be found displayed as wall hangings and will never even see a bed:

image of quilts at the local county fair
Quilts, at the local County Fair

A rose by any other name...

No matter what you call your comforter: A duvet, continental quilt, doona, dyne, federbett, duvet insert or Mr. Fluffy, we think there's nothing quite like cuddling beneath a wonderful cloud of soft warm fluffy goodness, all protected, of course, by a duvet cover.


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