Schlossberg of Switzerland Bed Linen Care

Schlossberg recommends the following general care procedures for their duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases. Please be sure to read the care instructions included with each item for best results.

  • Wash warm. Gentle cycle.
  • Line or tumble dry (medium heat). Do not over dry.
  • Do not use bleach or colorsafe bleach.
  • Do not use softeners or detergents that contain  optical brighteners or bleach.
  • Overdrying of linens will damage the cotton fibers.
  • Schlossberg Satin Noblesse fabrics are "easy-iron" and are even easier to iron while slightly damp.
  • Schlossberg's Jersey Royal bedding should not be ironed.
  • Wash your new linens before using. They are oversized to allow for shrinkage.
  • CAUTION! Front loading washers need to be set at maximum water level, medium heat and low spin cycle to avoid wrinkles being set in to fabric.

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