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About Plumeria Bay®


Who We Are


Plumeria Bay® is a small family owned company founded by a father & daughter team, in 2002.  At that time we found that there were not many options when shopping online for high quality, well made,  goose down bedding. So we aimed to fix that. 


It is now more than 20 years later, and online shopping is actually a thing (we thought it might be :), and the number of stores offering down bedding online has increased exponentially.  However, the number of businesses that  actually manufacture and offer the best quality down bedding remains relatively small. 


What We Do


When we started Plumeria Bay, we had our comforters and pillows made for us.  Searching for a quality manufacturer of down bedding was just the 1st step in a long journey of learning.  We quickly discovered that, just because someone claims they are the best, does not make it true.  We also discovered that what is not disclosed is often just as important, if not more important, than what is disclosed.


We truly understand the overwhelming confusion a consumer must experience when faced with the often opaque and even conflicting and sometimes untrue information when shopping for quality down bedding in the jungle that has become online shopping.


And so we learned.  As we became more familiar with the industry, we were able to partner with some of the best manufactures of down bedding in North America, and we continued to learn.


15 years later, in 2018, we realized a major milestone and a years long goal and began manufacturing our comforters and pillows ourselves.  We call this line "Cascade Made®".


Cascade Made is RDS Certirfied


Cascade Made® is our line of world class quality down comforters and down pillows, made right here in the heart of the Cascade Mountains in Birdsview, WA. Our  comforter and pillow shells are manufactured for us, and sewn to our specifications, by the oldest, most experienced and technically advanced mills, in Germany and Austria.


We source our RDS Certified Hungarian White Goose Down for our Cascade Made™ comforters & pillows from one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers of down in North America. 


We still partner with one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of fine down bedding in North America to bring you  the extraordinary Eiderdown comforters & pillows.


We have also formed lasting relationships with some of the finest and most experienced manufacturers of bed linens in the world to compliment our goose down bedding. We offer bed linens, duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases from Sferra, St Geneve and Schlossberg of Switzerland.


What We Stand For


Simply put: We strive to offer superior quality, genuine value, and excellent customer service that begins the moment we hear from you.


Plumeria Bay® is a certified RDS manufacturer.  Our Cascade Made™ line of comforters and pillows are made with RDS certified goose down and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Our Cascade Made™ goose down is also Oeko-Tex certified. This means that all of the fabrics we use and our Hungarian white goose down are certified to be ecologically safe and healthful. Our products are free of toxic chemicals, inside and out.


We are proud to be a certified Responsible Down Standard manufacturer. This means that all of the Hungarian White Goose Down used in our Cascade Made™ comforters and pillows is certified to be ethically sourced.

Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified
Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified


We do our very best to go a step further to not only assure that we are making the best comforters and pillows possible with ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials, but to also give back. We are proud  to support 1% For The Planet!


Plumeria Bay supports One Percent For The Planet
Learn more about Plumeria Bay and our support for One Percent For The Planet


We know that our continued success depends upon your complete satisfaction with our products, and the service you receive before and after the sale. We are honored by what our customers say and will always do our best to continue to earn your trust. We depend on our product quality and customer service, along with good old fashion "word of mouth" referrals from satisfied customers.


Have a question? Need assistance? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Email us anytime or call us toll free @ 877-722-9266, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time.


Where We Are


We are located in Birdsview, a small community tucked away on the Skagit River in the heart of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.


If you would like to stop by and visit, we'd love to see you! We just ask that you give us a call @ 877-722-9266 or email us to schedule a time to visit so that we can make sure there is someone available to help you. 


We are a small business with a small staff and we don't want to be too busy making comforters and pillows to give you the proper attention! Our shop is small and humble, but we think it's awesome! Check out this pictorial about the making of our shop.


Our hours of business are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time.





Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.




Steve Clay, President & Founder

Plumeria Bay® Inc.


Member of Concrete Chamber of Commerce
Member Concrete Chamber of Commerce



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