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Schlossberg of Switzerland Duvet Covers & Bed Linens

Aria Bleu & Aria Rouge Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - Waves of color flow across the sunny white background as if carried on an ocean breeze.
Marin Blanc Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - Come sail away with Schlossberg of Switzerland Marin. You can almost hear the seagulls call as the boats sail and the bouys dance on the ocean swells in this regatta of dreams.
Livia Bleu Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - A calming light and effervescent design featuring colorful eucalyptus leaves on a white background, so vibrant you can almost hear them rustling in the sea breeze and catch the scent of tropical Plumeria wafting through your dreams.
Colors, luxurious colors, to satisfy any palette. 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Pillow Shams. Colors range from earthy neutrals to pastels, rich jewel tones and fabulous brights.
Lani Bleu Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Pillow Shams - Beautifully detailed birds, with colors that range from bright coral and pink to dark turqouise, flicker amid hazy shadows through this elegant dark background. In a word, Stunning!
Lani Blanc Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - Beautifully detailed exotic birds in vivid orange, tropical green and delicate shades of lilac, flicker amid hazy shadows on a white background, in a design of stunning depth.
Ayano Bleu Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - A landscape of soft dream lines that change as your perspective changes. Overlapping chalk lines blur into this modernistic stripped pattern. Ayano Bleu proffer's a more masculine vision, in Violet, Lilac, Midnight Blue and various shades of Gray and Green.
Ayano Gris Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Shams - A landscape of soft dream that changes as your perspective changes. Overlapping chalk lines blur into this modernistic stripped pattern that reminds me of a hazy sunrise, in Purples, Sunshine Yellows and Lime Green, all blending harmonously with delicate Rose highlights.
Jacquard Essentials Duvet Covers, Sheets, Shams & Pillow Cases in 4 Timeless & Elegant Designs; Palace, Jardin, Paisley & Puntino that shimmer over the exquisite 100% cotton sateen fabric.
Urban Collection 100% Micro Modal by Lenzing & Schlossberg. Urban Plain, with no pattern; In Blanc, Ivoire and Glace.
Dobby Stripe duvet covers, sheets, shams & pillow cases 100% Egyptian Cotton, in 4 different graphic designs; Bold Stripes, Fine Stripes, Small Squares & Large Squares. In 4 Colours.
Amalia Blanc Duvet covers, pillow shams & pillow cases feature lush velvety Amaryllis blossoms that seem to hang heavy in a mid-summer day dream. Amalia Blanc provides a clear white background and strong contrast for the highly detailed flowers.
Amalia Viola Duvet covers, shams & pillow cases - Lush velvety Amaryllis blossoms hang heavy in a mid-summer day dream. Amalia Viola has a subtle lavender colored background.
Amy Blanc Duvet Covers, Shams & Pillow Cases - A beautifully delicate garden of flowers, some faintly rendered, others finely detailed. This cheerful design reveals the heart of a perfect Summer day.
Liz Blanc: A Spring renewal; duvet covers, shams & pillow cases in delicate magnolia buds, mallow & cherry blossoms, clematis & garden cosmos blossom in this beautifully light, soft & translucent floral design.
Loraine Cristal Beautiful hand painted Duvet Covers, Shams & Pillow Cases bring color, light, beauty and perhaps a bit of whimsy into your life and bedroom. Mercerized Egyptian cotton.

About Schlossberg of Switzerland Bed Linens

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Schlossberg of Switzerland Since 1833, Schlossberg is renowned for their fine quality, luxurious fabrics, beautiful colors and exquisite hand drawn floral designs.

Schlossberg Bed Linens are mercerized for optimal performance and wear. Please be sure to follow the care instructions that are included with each Schlossberg item to insure the longest life possible and to help prevent issues such as pilling.

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