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Sferra Duvet Covers & Bed Linens

Celeste is an excellent quality Egyptian cotton percale, and our most popular bed linen. Celeste duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases and shams are luxuriously lightweight, crisp, yet soft. In solid colors.
These Durable 200 thread count long-staple cotton percale bed linens are made to last through countless washings. Especially great for kids and people that sleep with pets!
Lightest Weight Duvet Covers, sheets and pillow cases. The Sferra Giza 45 Percale bed linens are the lightest that we know of, and extraordinarily soft. A whisper of cool pleasure & a true joy to sleep with. White and Ivory.
The Worlds Finest 100% Cotton Sateen bed linen. Luxurious drape? Check. Creamy smooth silky hand? Double check. Experience quality as a sensual pleasure. In white & Ivory.
Elegance, Refined: Sferra Giza 45 Jacquard Duvet Covers, sheets, pillow cases and shams. The sensual drape of Giza Sateen, in a elegant yet subtle floral pattern. White and Ivory.
Lightest Weight percale, with a feminin touch. The softness & lightness of the Giza 45 Percale bed linen, with an eligantly delicate lace Trim. In White and Ivory.
Softly Bold: The Giza 45 Sateen, with elegantly distinctive stripes. Duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases and shams in White or Ivory.
Giotto: These duvet covers, bed sheets, pillow cases and pillow shams exemplify simple elegance in every detail: From the luminous sheen, rich drape and silken hand, to the classic border of hand-drawn hemstitching.
Sferra Milos With an incredibly fine hand, luxurious drape and soft silken shimmer. A true 1000 thread count bed linen, supple, sleek and oh so soft. Finished with a classic hemstitched border. In White or Ivory.
Pure Cashmere blankets, woven from the finest cashmere wool for unsurpassed comfort, softness and warmth. Cashmere is legendary as the softest, warmest and most luxurious fiber. This very special blanket does the legend justice.
St. Moritz: Velvety plush, snugly and soft, these blankets are woven from 100% long-staple cotton that has been brushed for snuggly softness and cozy warmth.
Sferra Dorsey Cashmere Throws. Exquisitely soft, wonderfully warm. The finest pure cashmere is woven in a downy watermark weave. Finished in a delicate hand knotted fringe.
St. Moritz Baby Blankets. Soft as a baby's skin and so plush. This warm and cuddly blanket will remain a favorite companion for years and years to come.
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