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Sferra Bed Linen Care

Caring for your Sferra duvet covers, sheets & pillow cases will prolong their useful life and preserve their beautiful appearance. While SFERRA bed linens are made from natural fibers that generally can be machine-washed at home, please be sure to read the care label on each item for best results.



Pre-wash your linens before first use, it will make them softer.


Set apart your fine linens from other items in the wash, especially items with zippers, snaps, and other trimmings that can abrade the fabric. Be sure to separate light and dark colors into different loads.


Machine-wash linens in warm or cold water on gentle cycle. Hot water washing is not recommended.


Use a mild detergent, free of added bleach, whiteners, brighteners, or fabric softeners.


Unless linens are very soiled, you need only use half the recommended amount of detergent.


Add detergent to an empty washtub as it fills, or dilute detergent with water first before adding—do not pour detergent directly onto linens.


Gently shake out and smooth linens before placing in the dryer. Tumble-dry using low heat and take care not to over-dry. Due to the fine nature of luxury linens, excessive or prolonged heat may cause damage to the fabric, and will increase shrinkage.


Be sure to remove bed linens from the dryer while still slightly damp to reduce wrinkles; smooth and let air dry. If desired, press with an iron while damp to remove any remaining wrinkles—iron sateen and jacquard linens on their reverse side to restore luster.



Do not overload the washer/dryer—this helps to reduce rubbing and abrasions, increasing the life of your linens.


Do not use an excessive amount of detergent; use the smallest amount necessary for cleaning.


Do not pour detergent directly onto fabrics; rather, add it to the water as the washtub fills, or dilute detergent with water and add to linens.


Do not use bleach, as it will weaken fibers and cause yellowing.


Do not use fabric softeners in either washers or dryers—in liquid or dryer sheet form. Fabric softeners coat yarn fibers, reducing the fabric’s superior qualities (breathability, coolness, absorbency, etc.), thus limiting the lifespan of your linens.


Do not over-dry linens; excessive heat will weaken fibers.


Be wary of hair and skincare products that contain bleaching agents, as these may cause discoloration.


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