How our down comforters are made, how to choose your comforter warmth level, how to care for your comforter, and more

Learn how to choose the most comfortable warmth for your sleeping environment.
Videos of the Cascade Made® 700 down comforter, Cascade Made® 800 down comforter and Cascade Made® 900 down comforter.
Guide to daily care, washing, drying and seasonal storage for your Plumeria Bay® down comforter.
About goose down, feathers and fill power, and how you can use this information to choose the comforter that is perfect for you!
Find and compare Plumeria Bay down comforters by Size, Warmth Level, Type of Down and Fabric choice.
Overview of Plumeria Bay® down comforters, along with tips on what to look for in a quality duvet, no matter who you buy it from.
How long should your down comforter last? A decade or more, depending on these 3 things...
Learn about the down we use, including our Canadian & Polish goose down, our fill power specifications and standards of cleanliness.
About Eiderdown, where it comes from, how it is gathered and why it makes such wonderful comforters and pillows
A German Size Duvet, or Daunendecke, is a down comforter that is sized for one person to use
We specialize in custom size and custom filled down comforters.
Any article of bedding or clothing that is filled with down or feathers, requires a special fabric, a Down Proof fabric, that will help prevent the down and feathers from leaking.
Oeko-Tex fabrics are manufactured under strict European environmental standards and are Confidence in Textiles certified to be free from harmful chemicals.
Guide to Plumeria Bay® down comforter sizes and fitting a down comforter with a duvet cover.
Our guide to unboxing your new Plumeria Bay down comforter.
Just about everyone loves the look of a fluffy goose down comforter. But sometimes, less fluff is more comfortable.
Anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, we can add down to your comforter.
Not all down comforter "baffle box" construction is equal. Learn why our sealed baffle box construction is superior.
Batiste is a "plain weave" fabric that is very light in weight, very soft and smooth to the hand with a "crisp" feel.
The best quality down comforters are only available in white. Here's why.
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Learn about duvet covers & bed linens, including fabric choices and how to design the bed that is perfect for you
Learn about our down pillows, the different types of goose down that you can choose, and how to choose the right firmness for you
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