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Sealed Baffled Box Construction

All Plumeria Bay® goose down and eiderdown comforters are constructed using a sealed baffled box design. This design prevents the down from shifting from box to box within your duvet, while maximizing the ability of the down to loft.


A baffle is an internal fabric wall that separates the top and bottom layers of fabric in a down comforter. While adding loft to the duvet, these internal walls also add strength; allowing the duvet to "give", reducing stress on the fabric and stitching when you toss and turn at night.


Like down proof fabric, not all baffled box duvets are created equal. We've already mentioned that our baffles are sealed to prevent shifting of down.

Our baffles are also generously sized; with internal baffle walls that measure about 2 1/2" for the baffles that run lengthwise & about 4" for the baffles that run the width of the comforter. This avoids the "marshmallow" effect commonly seen in overstuffed comforters with smaller baffles.


A Plumeria Bay Baffled Box Down Comforter
A Plumeria Bay® Klondike Winter Warmth Baffled Box Duvet

These larger baffles also enhance the flow of the comforter, enabling it to softly cuddle & move around you, while allowing the down to loft and insulate without being constricted in any way.


Literally decades of experience and expertise has gone into the design of our baffled box construction, assuring that your Plumeria Bay® duvet will deliver many years of comfort and warmth.


Each Plumeria Bay® goose down duvet is made by hand, at the time of your order, by masters of the art. It takes more time, as quality does, but we think you will find the wait worthwhile.


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