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Queen Size Eiderdown Comforter - Light (24oz) Warmth

Queen Size Eiderdown Comforter Queen Size Eiderdown Comforter
Queen Size Eiderdown ComforterCotton Covered Queen Size Eiderdown ComforterEiderdown Cotton Fabric DetailSilk Covered Queen Size Eiderdown ComforterDetail of Silk Eiderdown Fabric

Queen Size Eiderdown Comforter - Light (24oz) Warmth

$6,335.00 List Price
$5,574.80 Price
$760.20 - 12% You Save
  • Details
  • Size:Queen (90"x94")

The Eiderdown Duvet - Queen Size - Cotton - Light Warmth

The finest German milled Egyptian Cotton or Silk ticking filled with pure eiderdown. To learn more about eiderdown, please click here. Unrivaled in softness, offering the widest comfort range and the lightest warmth to weight ratio. This luxury duvet is simply the best. Hand sewn, with sealed baffled box construction, to order. Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Fill: Eiderdown
  • Available in Cotton or Silk
  • Sealed Baffled Box Construction
  • Made to Order With the Finest Materials and Craftsmanship
  • Offers Superior Performance and Comfort
  • 20 Year Warranty & Terms of Sale


The Finest Down Proof Fabrics In The World

The Plumeria Bay® Cotton Eiderdown Comforter is made with a 400 Thread-count 100% Cotton, featuring a beautiful jacquard pattern, woven in Germany especially for Eiderdown. Piped in white satin cording and hand sewn with a special "sealed baffled box" construction.

100% cotton down proof fabric made in Germany

The Silk Eiderdown Comforter is made with a 450 Thread-count 100% silk. Woven in Germany especially for Eiderdown, it has a luxurious drape and softness unequaled by any other down-proof silk, or any other fabric for that matter. Piped in satin cording and hand sewn with a special "sealed baffled box" construction.

100% Silk Made In Germany

These exquisite German made down-proof fabrics also carry the Confidence in Textiles certification, your assurance of safe and healthy textiles. Good for you, good for our environment.

Confidence in Textiles


Eiderdown Warmth

Eiderdown Warmth Levels

Eiderdown has a very wide "comfort range", far superior to any other down, keeping you cooler when the temperature is warm and warmer when the temperature is cold.

  • Ultra Light: For the warmest climates and sleepers.
  • Light Warmth: Fuller and warmer than the Ultra Light warmth. A great choice for year-round use for the average sleeper.
  • Winter Warmth: For the average sleeper in cool to cold bedrooms.
  • Canadian Winter: For cold sleepers in cold climates.
  • Klondike Winter: The fluffiest and warmest eiderdown comforter available anywhere.

Please see our comforter Warmth Guide for more information.

Eiderdown Is the softest and lightest down in the world. It is extremely rare and highly prized. This genuine eiderdown is never blended with any other type of down.

Plumeria Bay® is a member of the Down Association of Canada. All of our goose down and eiderdown comforters, pillows and featherbeds are made in Canada and carry the Down Association of Canada's DOWNMARK® certification.
Downmark Logo

Genuine eiderdown tests at approximately 700 fill power. Yet, due to the very tiny "hooks" in the eiderdown cluster it has a phenomenal density and cling and insulates at an amazing 1000+ fill power. If you were to hold a small amount of eiderdown in the palm of your hand you would feel no weight, just a soft growing warmth. Really quite an amazing sensation.

This eiderdown is gently cleaned & completely sanitized using the Zurguard system; your assurance of the highest standards of freshness, purity and cleanliness. So clean, our eiderdown is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years.

Zurguard Clean Down


Hand Sewn, To Order

Our Eiderdown Comforters are hand sewn, using a special sealed baffled box construction, guaranteed to keep the down from shifting for the life of the comforter. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is impeccable, resulting in a true heirloom quality duvet suitable to be passed down from generation to generation.

Eiderdown Comforters usually ship within 1 to 2 weeks. Longer for custom sizes.


Caring For Your Eiderdown Comforter

Is easy! Fluff daily, and keep in a duvet cover.

Your eiderdown comforter should only be laundered if and/or when necessary (excessive washing is hard on the down clusters and strips the down of its natural oils). The cotton covered eiderdown duvet is machine washable. We recommend that the Silk Eiderdown Comforter be professionally dry cleaned.

Please see our down comforter care guide for more information.

The storage bags our eiderdown comforters and pillows come in are pure breathable cotton and are perfect for storing your items in!


Plumeria Bay® Eiderdown Comforters

Are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years. They are not returnable, except for defects in materials or workmanship. Please see Our Eiderdown Warranty and Terms of Sale to learn more.


Eiderdown Comforter Reviews

"We have been delighted with both. (Eiderdown duvet & The Plumeria pillow, ed) I hope your business prospers. You produce one of the few luxury products costly due to intrinsic merit as opposed to ephemeral style." Peter - Palo Alto, CA


"I love it (custom size eiderdown duvet, ed)! Makes me feel like a kid again, with my very own blanky. The size is perfect, it works like a shapable pillow or just a security blanket. Linus in Peanuts should have been so lucky. I have a new grandson thinking of getting him one later. Thanks again." Tom, Seattle WA


"Love it all. (Eiderdown duvet & Sferra Giza 45 duvet cover) It is the best!!!" Laura - Saratoga, WY


"Our silk-covered Eiderdown comforter exceeded our lofty expectations. Warm, light as a feather, so to speak, and breathes well enough to be comfortable also on warm nights. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. My wife was deeply skeptical about spending that much for a down comforter, when we could easily have spent 1/10th as much (or less). But, after one night, she was already raving about it. I do absolutely love it!!!" Rob - Pasadena, CA


"We have slept under the eiderdown duvet for two nights now and IT IS A DREAM!!!! We love it. I just can't say enough good things about your duvet. I am so happy. Thanks again for such a lovely addition to our lives." Maylan, Telluride CO


"Just wanted to say thanks again. It (Silk Ultra Light Eiderdown Comforter - ed) is really just perfect." Tom - San Francisco, CA

Please click here for more customer reviews

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