Plumeria Bay® Warranty

In addition to our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:


Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ Down Comforters and Pillows have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.   For Eiderdown comforters & pillows, please see  Our Eiderdown Warranty.


Cascade Made™ Limited Lifetime Warranty


All Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ down comforters and pillows are manufactured in our Birdsview WA shop and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers any defect in materials or manufacture for the lifetime of the product. 


What is Covered by the Cascade Made™ Limited Lifetime Warranty:  Cascade Made™ Down Comforters and Down Pillows are made with the finest materials and construction.   With proper care, your Cascade Made™ down comforter should last 10 years or longer.  How long should my down comforter last? Down pillows are subject to much harder use, so you can expect your Cascade Made™ down pillow to last about 5 years or so.


Cascade Made™ down pillows also come with our "Perfect Fill" service. If, any time within 1 year of your purchase, you decide you'd like more down added, or some taken out, just send your pillow to us and we'll adjust its firmness to your satisfaction.  Please see our down pillow Perfect Fill Service for complete details.


If there are any issues related to the quality of materials and construction of your Cascade Made™ down comforter or pillow, such as excessive down leaking or faulty stitching or down shifting, we will either repair or replace the item provided that:

  • The item still has useful life left
  • The item has been properly cared for

Proper Care includes the use of a Duvet Cover at all times with your comforter(s), and a Pillow Protector with your pillow(s).


Please see our Down Comforter Care Guide and our Down Pillow Care Guide for more information on how to care for your Cascade Made™ comforters & pillows.


The Cascade Made™ Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover:  Normal Wear and Tear.  Improper care, or abuse.  Fabric weakened by perspiration and/or body oils. Down going flat due to soiling or improper care.  In other words, an item that, in our determination, has reached the end of it's normal useful life will not be covered by this warranty.  An item that has not been properly cared for, in our determination, will not be covered by this warranty. 


This warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied and is subject to change at any time without prior notification.


Warranty For Canadian Made Pillows & Comforters purchased prior to August 2022, and for all other purchases prior to March 1st, 2013 please click here for your warranty information.


If you do find it necessary to return your item for warranty service, kindly email us or call us @ 1-877-722-9266 so that we can provide shipping instructions and a Return Authorization number (required for all warranty service).



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