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Product Information and our store policies, including our Satisfaction Guarantee, Shipping & Warranty Information. Don't see what you're looking for? Email Us with your question and we'll reply a.s.a.p.

Our downloadable PDF Catalog, with information about our down comforters, pillows, featherbeds and more.
See our current Specials for Plumeria Bay® stuff.
We provide comfort, quality down bedding and some awesome bed linens!
Where you heap praise on us simply for doing what we love to do. How awesome is that?!
Plumeria Bay® Satisfaction Guarantee & Terms of Sale
Warranty information for Plumeria Bay® comforters, pillows & featherbeds.
Warranty info for eiderdown comforters & pillows
We offer Free UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States.
There is no Sales Tax for orders shipped to all States, except for Washington State.
Some of the more frequently asked questions, and answers, about Plumeria Bay® and our products
About goose down and feathers and the difference between feathers and down clusters, duck down and goose down, gray down vs. white down, fill power and more!
Learn about the down we use, including our Canadian & Polish goose down, our fill power specifications and standards of cleanliness.
About Eiderdown, where it comes from, how it is gathered and why it is so exceptional
Siberian White Goose Down - Marketing Genius, or Deception? It's a great name, that means absolutely nothing.
Overview of Plumeria Bay® down comforters, along with tips on what to look for in a quality duvet, no matter who you buy it from.
Learn how to choose the most comfortable warmth for your sleeping environment.
Videos of our Ultra Light, Light Year Around Warmth, Winter, Canadian Winter and Klondike Winter Warmth goose down comforters
Just about everyone loves the look of a fluffy goose down comforter. But sometimes, less fluff is more comfortable.
Anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, we can add down to your comforter.
Guide to daily care, washing, drying and seasonal storage for your Plumeria Bay® down comforter.
Guide to Plumeria Bay® down comforter sizes and fitting a down comforter with a duvet cover.
What the down bedding law label tells you, and what it may not tell you, about the quality of fill used in your down bedding
Okeo-Tex fabrics are manufactured under strict European environmental standards and are certified to be free from harmful chemicals.
Batiste is a "plain weave" fabric that is very light in weight, very soft and smooth to the hand with a "crisp" feel.
Not all down comforter "baffled box" construction is equal. Learn why our sealed baffled box construction is superior.
We specialize in custom size and custom filled down comforters.
Our guide to unboxing your new Plumeria Bay down comforter.
About feather beds and mattress toppers and how they are used
Our down is cleaned using the Zuguard® system to the highest standards of cleanliness and purity.
The best quality down comforters are only available in white. Here's why.
A good sleeping pillow will cushion your head and neck with gentle support. Learn how to select your pillow firmness.
Video to help you compare our extra soft, soft, medium, firm and extra firm goose down pillows.
Anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, we'll add or remove as much down as you'd like for your Plumeria Bay® down pillow(s)
About our German milled down proof pillow fabric
How to care for, wash, clean and store your Plumeria Bay® goose down pillows.
Your bed can be as simple, or as elaborate, as you desire. The most important rule is this: Do what looks good to you and makes you most comfortable
Explores the origin of the term "duvet", and the difference between a duvet and a duvet cover.
How to put your duvet cover on your comforter, the use of duvet ties, and zipper closure vs. button closures.
The history, the cotton and the fabric. How "The Queen of Egyptian Cotton" is spun into the finest bed linen on earth.
Cotton Percale or Cotton Sateen. Light and crisp, or heavier with a luxurious drape? Your choice of fabric will make a difference.
Pilling is what happens when cotton fibers break and tangle, resulting in the tiny little balls or "pills" of fiber that appear to be stuck on the fabric.
Our Terms of Sale for Sferra, St. Geneve and Schlossberg Duvet Covers and Bed Linens.

From fitted sheets with extra deep (or extra small) pockets, to unusual sizes for sheets, duvet covers, etc. No project is too small, or too large.

Care instructions for Schlossberg of Switzerland bed linens.
Care instructions for Sferra bed linens
Care instructions for St. Geneve bed linens
Having trouble finding a good quality duvet cover that doesn't cost as much as your comforter? Here's an easy way (really, no kidding) to make your own.
We strongly recommend that you do not allow your baby to sleep with a down comforter, pillow or featherbed.
Having trouble sleeping with your partner? Some things to consider and talk about with your partner if you're thinking about sleeping solo.
Learn why sleep is so important to your physical and mental well being and how you can get a better nights sleep.
This is where we make announcements pertinent to Plumeria Bay and our customers, or just some general musings
About the steps we take to assure that your data is safe with Plumeria Bay®.
This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Plumeria Bay®
Our policy regarding copyright, trademarks and intellectual property
“It doesn't get better than this”
“I'm not usually one to gush over a product, but...”
“The featherbed is fabulous.”
“....a very high-quality product that lives up to its description...”
“Great customer service and an amazing product. We will be return customers.”
“In a heartbeat, I would and will order again !!!!”
“My grandmother... simply loves her Plumeria Bay pillows.”
“The comforter is absolutely perfect in every way!”
“ is a gross understatement to say that we love it.”
“Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.”
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