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Our store policies, including Shipping, Warranty, Returns, Sales Tax and more
Learn about Siberian Goose Down, Eiderdown, Fill Power, What The Law Label Means, and more...
Learn how our down comforters are made, how to choose your comforter warmth level, how to care for your comforter, and more
Learn about our down pillows, the different types of goose down that you can choose, how to choose the right firmness for you and how to care for your pillow
Learn about duvet covers & bed linens, including fabric choices and how to design the bed that is perfect for you
About Plumeria Bay's partnership with 1% For The Planet
We provide comfort, quality down bedding, beautiful bed linens and awesome service!
A pictorial story about the making of the Cascade Made™  shop - home of the best down comforters & pillows in the world!
This is where we make announcements pertinent to Plumeria Bay and our customers, or just some general musings
Our current Specials for Plumeria Bay® stuff.
Our downloadable PDF Catalog, with information about our down comforters, pillows, featherbeds and more.
“My grandmother... simply loves her Plumeria Bay pillows.”
“It doesn't get better than this”
“The very best I've encountered...”
“The comforter is absolutely perfect in every way!”
“Great Value, Great Quality”
“Great customer service and an amazing product. We will be return customers.”
“ is a gross understatement to say that we love it.”
“In a heartbeat, I would and will order again !!!!”
“....a very high-quality product that lives up to its description...”
“The featherbed is fabulous.”
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