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Toll-Free 877-722-9266, M-F, 8AM-4PM PST
Toll-Free 877-722-9266, M-F, 8AM-4PM PST
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Our Down Pillow Perfect Fill™ Service

For all Plumeria Bay® goose down and eiderdown pillows: Anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, we'll add or remove as much down as you'd like.

You pay only for the cost of shipping, and the cost of down if we've added some. Any down that is removed will be returned to you.

The process is simple. Just email or call us @ 1-877-722-9266. Once we know how much down you would like to add or remove, we'll send you shipping instructions.

Down pillows can soften with use over time and as they get soiled. Often however, humidity can be what's making your pillow softer.

If you think this might be the case, just put your down pillow in the dryer, on low heat, for 20 to 30 minutes (make sure that the pillow has room to move in the dryer and that the fabric is not overheating).

This simple step will help "revive" a down pillow that has absorbed any moisture. Pillows that are soiled or that have absorbed body oils will need to be laundered to restore their loft.

Our down pillows are machine washable. It's a good idea to wash your down pillows once a year, or so. Please see how to care for your down pillow for more information.

Use a pillow protector (this is a zippered cover, almost like a "second skin") for your down pillow, and wash it weekly in hot water. This helps prevent body oils from being absorbed into your down pillow.

Please see our How To Choose a Down Pillow page for tips on selecting the correct firmness for you.


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