How To Choose A Comfortable Down Pillow

A good quality down pillow will cushion your head and neck with gentle support while being very adaptable to the specific shape and weight of your head, neck and shoulders.


The correct firmness for your pillow will help to give you a comfortable, restful sleep. It will keep your head, neck and spine aligned while sleeping, reducing stress and unwanted aches and pains.


The Firmness you choose should be based on your sleeping style.  For example, if you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow, with less down, will let your head and neck rest closer to the bed.  If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow, with more down, will keep your head and neck elevated and aligned with your spine.


  • Stomach Sleepers - Choose a Soft pillow 
  • Back Sleepers - Choose A Medium pillow
  • Side Sleepers - Choose a Firm pillow

Other considerations:

  • If you are petite with smaller shoulders and sleep on your side, or if your sleeping position changes throughout the night, a Medium firmness would be a good choice.
  • If you sleep on a very soft bed, you may sink into the bed more than your pillow does. If so, you may want to consider a softer pillow.
  • A Standard Size pillow is the best size choice for a sleeping pillow, for most people.



choose an extra soft, soft, medium, firm or extra firm pillow


About Fill Power & Choosing Your Down Pillow


Fill Power is a way to measure the size of the goose down cluster.  The higher the fill power number, the larger the down cluster.  A higher fill power also usually indicates a higher quality down, with less "fiber" etc.  What does this mean when deciding which pillow to choose?


Larger down clusters will trap more air, compared to smaller down clusters.  So, a down pillow with 800 fill power goose down will feel a bit more "airy" and less prone to compacting, allowing you to sleep more "in" the pillow, compared to a 700 fill power down pillow.  The difference is not dramatic but it is noticible, especially when the down is new, fresh and clean.


These differences are perhaps most noticible with the Soft or Medium down pillows, where the 700 fill pillow might feel a bit firmer compared to the 800 fill pillow, since the 700 fill power clusters are smaller and will compact more easilly.  This changes a bit with the Firm and Extra Firm pillows, where more down is used.


Because more down is filled into a limited space (the pillow shell), an 800 fill Firm or Extra Firm pillow will feel firmer than the equavalent 700 fill power pillow.


A higher quality larger fill power goose down cluster will also last longer and retain it's structure and resilience, compared to a lower fill power down.


Our Perfect Fill™ Service

All Plumeria Bay® down pillows come with our Perfect Fill™ service. If you decide you would like to add more down, or maybe take some out, anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, just send it to us and we'll add or remove as much down as you'd like.


We charge only for any down added (the price between the firmness you have and the firmness you'd like), and return shipping. Any down removed will be returned to you in a separate cotton storage bag. Please read about our Perfect Fill™ service for more information.


Down Pillows Get Softer With Use

Down pillows will "break in" with use, becoming softer with time.  How much softer will depend on how clean the pillow is kept, how the pillow is used (some people use their pillow like a punching bag, others are more gentle), etc. Following our simple pillow care pointers will help your keep pillow fluffy and supportive for a long and restful life.


Feather Pillows Compared to Down Pillows

Some people prefer a harder feeling pillow, with less "cush" compared to a down pillow.  Feather pillows, or pillows filled with a blend of feathers and down, are firmer with more of a "hard packed" feeling compared to a down pillow.  Feathers do not have a fill power measurement. 


Other choices for a firmer harder packed pillow include Latex, or solid memory foams like Tempurpedic®. Pillows can also be filled with cotton, pieces of cut foam, microbeads, kapok...   the list does go on.  We think a good goose down pillow is without compare for sleeping comfort.




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