How Many Pillows… Are Too Many?

The answer to that question depends on you!


If you ask Omi the Pillow Pup, there can never be too many soft down pillows!


Omi the pillow pup lounging on a pile of goose down pillows


For sleeping, just one standard size pillow of the appropriate firmness is all that most people need for a good night’s sleep. Some people, especially side sleepers, may like another pillow to hug while sleeping.


For relaxing, reading or watching television while resting on your bed: A single bolster pillow, such as a European Square can be enough for some people. Some like to use a King size pillow alone, or in combination with other pillows for back support while sitting up in bed. Some prefer to use 2 or more standard size pillows.

Firmness is also something to consider for a bolster pillow. Many people prefer a firmer pillow for support when sitting in bed. A body pillow can also double as a bolster, at least until it's needed for its main purpose in life, cuddling!


For bedroom décor: We believe every pillow on your bed should have one purpose, your comfort. If you find yourself taking pillows off your bed before you go to sleep, like this guy, you may have too many pillows! More on how to design your dream bed for function and comfort.



Pillow Monsters and Fun

Can there ever be too many pillows when it comes to fun?! Especially when it comes to children and pillow forts and pillow fights with soft fluffy down pillows!


What’s that? You’re single? Childless? No dog or cat to enjoy a pillow fort with you? You are likely very satisfied and happy with this state of affairs. But should you feel the impulse to indulge your childhood self and build a Franken-pillow monster and a pillow castle, complete with a pillow laboratory, who's to say "no, don't be ridiculous!"


Go ahead, be ridiculous. I’ll wait.


OK, so you bought 46 more Cascade Made down pillows in different sizes, assembled your pillow lab, your pillow castle, and then you bought 16 more; crafted them into a giant pillow humanoid figure; got out the jumper cables, and.... voila! It’s alive! It’s alive!


You’re probably familiar with this story, and know that your creation is going to turn against you after a short but contemplative time in existence. Personally, I think it may have worked out a lot better for Frankenstein if he had had a nice down pillow to begin with. A pillow that he could cuddle, a pillow that would cuddle him back.


So, to answer the original question, ie; How many pillows are too many? For some, one pillow may be all you need. For a Pillow Monster, or a spoiled Pillow Pup, there can never be enough!





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