image of dog enjoying pillow time

Down Pillows and Dogs


Our dog, Omi, really loves her down pillows.  Omi is an Australian Labradoodle, and is about 25 lbs.  A standard size pillow fits her perfectly.  She prefers a "Soft" firmness.


Of course, deciding to allow your pet on your bed is a personal matter.  Sleeping with your dog (or cat) may not be a suitable choice for some people. For others, sharing your bed with your dog is an important part of enjoying life with your companion.


Omi the Australian Labradoodle enjoying our bed and down pillows


As you can see, we have a lot of pillows (too many?) on our bed!  Omi seems to enjoy this.  She'll climb to the top of the big pillow mountain and survey her domain.  Then she'll climb back down and settle in.


I mentioned that Omi likes a "Soft" down pillow.  We have all the different firmnesses on our bed, and the Soft is what she chooses when settling in.  She must have read our "How to Choose a Comfortable Down Pillow" advise, because she is a stomach sleeper.


Is Omi spoiled?  Maybe a little bit.  Or maybe we're the ones that are spoiled.  :)  Either way, it's a wonderful life with our little dog, and we are so grateful to be able to share it, and our pillows, with her.




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