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Down Comforter Warmth Guide


How to Choose Your Warmth

Down Comforter Warmth Chart

What is Your Bedroom Temperature?

Looking at the chart above, If your bedroom is around 60° to 65° and:


You are an "average" sleeper (you don't find yourself throwing the covers off to stay comfortable, or needing extra covers to stay warm), we'd suggest the Light warmth for year around use.


If you are a cold sleeper (you need more covers to stay warm), we'd recommend the Winter warmth.


If you are a warm sleeper (you find yourself throwing your covers off), we'd recommend the Ultra Light.


From Ultra Light to the Klondike

From ultra light and barely there, to the fluffiest and warmest baffle box goose down duvets available anywhere, we have a comforter that is just right for you.


Ultra Light: Our lightest warmth down comforter. For warm sleepers, warm bedrooms & warm summer nights with the windows open.  See all Ultra Light comforters.


Light Warmth: The Light Warmth is designed for those who prefer warmth with a gentle touch. Perfect for year around use for most people. See all Light Warmth comforters.


Winter Warmth: The Winter Warmth is for those who want a comfortable warmth in cool to cold bedrooms. Still relatively light in weight, this is where our superior quality goose down really begins to shine, or perhaps we should say "glow" with warmth. See all Winter Warmth comforters.


Canadian Winter: Found yourself sleeping with the dogs to stay warm again, eh? The Canadian Winter warmth goose down comforter may put an end to that, much to bowser's chagrin. This duvet offers a luxurious loft and dependable warmth for those who prefer a cold bedroom but a warm bed. See all Canadian Winter Warmth comforters.


Klondike Winter: The Klondike Winter is very warm, and very fluffy. The Klondike Winter goose down comforter is best used by the heat deprived in cold bedrooms. See all Klondike Winter Warmth comforters.


Custom Dual Warmth:  One comforter - 2 warmth levels!  We can custom fill your comforter so that one half of the comforter is one warmth level, and the other half is another warmth level, for example; Ultra Light and Light, or Light and Winter Warmth.  Please see our custom down comforters page for more information.


We can add more down to your comforter, but we cannot remove it. So if you are a warm sleeper or are concerned about the comforter being too warm, a good rule of thumb is to select a weight that is one weight lighter than you think will keep you comfortable.


If, within 1 year of your purchase, you decide that you would like more down added, we only charge for the cost of the down and return shipping. Please see our down comforter Perfect Fill™ Service for more details.

Ultra Light Warmth Down Comforter

Want to see more? watch these videos of our comforter warmth levels.


What is TOG?

TOG is a measurement of Thermal Resistance. This system is used in Europe to test and quantify the warmth level of a duvet (down comforter) and other textiles.

TOG Values range from 1.5 tog (Ultra Light) to 16.5 (Ultra Warm).  TOG values do not take the use of duvet covers or pajamas/sleepwear into account. These things, the "breathability" and lightness or heaviness of your duvet cover and whether you sleep naked or with P. J.'s, can make a huge difference in your experience of warmth. 

The TOG system is not used in North America.  Here's an entertaining video of comedian Rhod Gilbert coming to terms with the world of  TOG and duvets.  He just wants a nice, soft, comfortable comforter.  Yes! Just let us know if we can help you find yours.



Down Comforter Warmth & "Fill Power"

About Fill Power and Warmth: Generally speaking, the higher the fill power (quality of goose down), the better. A higher quality goose down will provide a wider "comfort range". In other words, a higher quality down will keep you warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is warm, compared to a lower fill power.


Warmth Level & Comforter Size

Our down comforters are available in a wide range of sizes; German (individual size), Twin, Queen, King & Super King sizes. The amount of down used for each warmth level will vary depending on the size of the comforter.


This information; the amount of down used for each down comforter size and warmth level, can be seen on the individual product page(s) and will change as you select the different warmth levels and sizes.


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