Sleeping Too Warm?

Just about everyone loves the look of a fluffy goose down comforter. But the simple fact is, that fluffy look is achieved by using more goose down. More goose down equals more warmth. So, our first suggestion would be to choose a comforter based on how you will use it, not on how it looks. Sometimes, less really is more comfortable.


Check out the Plumeria Bay® Down Comforter Warmth Guide and remember, we can add down to your comforter but we cannot remove it. Here are a few tips that may help you enjoy your current comforter if buying a new lighter weight comforter is not at the top of your list of favorite things to do:


If the comforter is new to you, or you are not accustomed to sleeping with goose down, you may want to give it a few days to allow your body to get accustomed to the unfamiliar warmth.


Use a light weight duvet cover. This may not help much with a very fluffy and warm duvet, but just might do the trick if your duvet cover is heavier than your duvet. The difference between a duvet and a duvet cover.


An easy way to see if this might be a solution for you would be to try your comforter without the duvet cover; just use a sheet instead. If you find that you are sleeping more comfortably, it may be that a lighter duvet cover is your solution.


Keep the top of your head uncovered. We lose a lot of heat, and keep cool, with the heat that is lost through our extremities. If your head is covered with a pillow (or a night cap - don't laugh, you'd be surprised!) you may find yourself baking to perfection, and beyond.


Drinking alcohol before going to bed is another kind of "night cap" that will also make you feel warmer.


Stick your foot (or feet) out from under the comforter. This will often let your body cool, very quickly, to a comfortable level. If you sleep with socks, take them off!


Open the windows! Fresh cool air is helpful when it comes to getting a good sleep.


Sometimes, the extra warmth may be coming from your cuddly partner. Many couples in Europe sleep with an individual size (sometimes called a German Size) duvet. This is a common sense approach that allows each person to use a duvet that is suited to their warmth needs.


It's worth nothing that goose down is, by it's very nature, warm. Warmth, without weight, is one hallmark of a quality down comforter.


For some people, for example warm sleepers in warm bedrooms, a down comforter may not be the most appropriate choice (without the assistance of an air conditioner!).



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