What is a Duvet Cover?

Duvets & Comforters, Is There a Difference?

A duvet is a comforter, they are one and the same - no difference.  However, to be a little more precise, a duvet is a comforter that is filled with down. A down filled comforter is light and warm and keeps you cozy.  The word duvet is pronounced like "due-vay",  it rhymes with "today".


The word "duvet" is derived from Old French and means "down". It has been used to describe a down or feather filled comforter for hundreds of years. These days many people, even merchants who should know better, will refer to a duvet cover as a duvet.  That can lead to some confusion.


Okay, So What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a bed linen that covers and protects the duvet (or comforter) from soiling and stains. The comforter goes inside the duvet cover, just like a pillow would go inside a pillow case.  Duvet covers, like all bed linens, are available in a wide range of color and design choices. 


A Duvet is a Down Comforter

 Image of a duvet, also known as a down comforter
A Plumeria Bay® Duvet


A Duvet Cover Is...

A Duvet Cover is a Bed Linen, a cover that slips over the duvet, much like a pillow case on a pillow.

A duvet inside a beautiful duvet cover
Duvet covers and matching/coordinating bed linens are available in a wide variety of color and design options.


Why Use A Duvet Cover?

One important reason to use a duvet cover is that it helps to protect your duvet from stains, fabric yellowing from body oils, pilling, and general wear and tear.


Design your paradise. Duvet covers, along with matching and/or coordinating sheets, pillow cases, shams and bed skirts are available in a wide variety of fabric and design choices.  This presents practically unlimited possibilities when the time comes to change the look of your bed and bedroom without having to purchase a new down comforter.


What about using a colored down comforter instead of a duvet cover? For some people, for example college students with little extra time to change and launder a duvet cover, an inexpensive colored down comforter makes perfect sense.





 Quilts, Coverlets & Bed Spreads

Quilts, coverlets & bedspreads are also sometimes confused with a duvet. These bed covers are basically a quilted blanket that are filled with cotton or a synthetic batting such as Primaloft®, and sewn through from top to bottom.  Some quilts have also become the medium for some amazingly beautiful and elaborate creations that can take the artist months and even years to complete.


Featuring designs that range from traditional to impressionistic to abstract to realistic and everything in between, often with intricate stitching and a wide array of fabric choices; the quilt as art is something to behold. These priceless creations will often be found displayed as wall hangings and will never even see a bed:


image of quilts at the local county fair
Quilts, at the local County Fair


The Duvet & Duvet Cover Work Together For Your Comfort!

No matter what you call your comforter: A duvet, blanket, continental quilt, doona, dyne, federbett, duvet insert or Mr. Fluffy, we think there's nothing quite like cuddling beneath a wonderful cloud of soft warm fluffy goodness, all protected, of course, by a duvet cover.



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