Colored Down Comforters

We are sometimes asked if we sell colored down comforters. Long story short: We do not. However, here's where we would shop if we were looking for a colored down comforter or inexpensive "down" bedding:



Be aware that most, if not all, of the colored down comforters (especially the ones under $100) are going to be filled with a blend of feathers and duck down, or feathers and goose down for the more expensive (under $200) choices. Remember, the down bedding Law Label is your friend.


The reason we do not sell colored down comforters is simple: There are just not any quality colored down proof fabrics available, anywhere.


I'm sure that manufacturing & inventory cost is one reason. Dyes also have an effect on the fabric fibers, making it very difficult to achieve a good down proof weave. The bottom line is that all of the colored down comforters on the market today are all made with lesser quality materials and weaves that can be prone to leaking.


Of course, there is a practical need for inexpensive down bedding. This is just not a market that we can competitively serve. Better quality down comforters are only available in one color: white. Because of this, a down comforter, also known as a duvet, is usually covered and protected by a duvet cover.


Using a duvet cover not only protects your comforter; it allows for great design flexibility. You can simply change your duvet cover (and the entire look of your bedroom) without having to buy a new comforter.


If you are looking for a step above "better" in a down comforter, we (not so humbly) suggest that Plumeria Bay® should be at the top of your shopping list. We also offer some of the finest bed linens - and duvet covers - available anywhere, from Sferra, Schlossberg and St. Geneve in a wide variety of colors and designs.

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