Custom Sized, Custom Filled Down Comforters

Need a custom size down comforter (also known as a duvet insert, or simply an “insert”), or perhaps a custom fill? No problem! 


Custom size Cascade Made™ down comforters are available in all fills (700, 800 or 900 Fill Power Goose Down) and warmth levels, in the Cascade Made™ Batiste fabric.  Custom warmth levels for our Eiderdown comforters are also available.  Custom sizes are not available for Eiderdown comforters.


Please include as much detail as possible when contacting us for a custom quote: Please include desired size (dimensions), type of goose down (700, 800 or 900 Fill Power), and warmth level in your request for a quote.


Custom sizes for our Cascade Made™ comforters usually take about 8 to 10 weeks.


Please be aware that a custom size down comforter can be significantly more expensive compared to a "stock" size comforter, even if the dimensions are just slightly different.  We are able to achieve significant savings when we purchase our "stock" size shells in volume.  Unfortunately, these savings are lost with a custom size.


Please take a moment to look at our Down Comforter Size Guide. Our "stock" down comforters; Twin, Queen, King or Super King size, or our custom German (individual) size, will fit the vast majority of beds perfectly. Of course, if you need something else, just let us know!


Custom filled down comforters, such as a Dual Warmth comforter, or other custom fills do not take any extra time.


Dual Warmth comforters:  Do you sleep warm while your partner sleeps cold?  We can fill one side of your comforter with more down for the colder sleeper, and one side with less down for the warmer sleeper. 


We usually recommend no more than one warmth level difference, for example; an Ultra Light and Light warmth, otherwise the comforter may look a little odd, with one side much fluffier than the other side.  Please see our comforter Warmth Guide for more information about our warmth levels.


Terms of Sale for custom comforters: Your credit card will be authorized for the full amount at the time your order is placed. Your card will be charged 50% after 48 hours and the balance when your order ships.


Your order may not be canceled after 24 hours. There are no returns for custom orders, however our warranty for defects in materials and workmanship will apply.


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