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Plumeria Bay® is proud to be an Authorized Sferra Retailer, and especially proud to have been providing Sferra Giza 45® Bed Linens to our customer's since Sferra first introduced the line in 2008.

Our customer's love this bed linen, and so do we.  We personally use the Sferra Giza 45® Percale, favoring this amazing fabric for it's whisper light weight and silky smooth hand.  Having said that, all the the Sferra Giza 45® offerings; percales, sateens & jacquards, are exquisite and unparralleled in quality.  You can see them all here.


Following is some more indepth information from Sferra, regarding these very special bed linens:




Our Italian-made Giza 45 Egyptian cotton bed linens are simply unparalleled in quality, anywhere in the world. And, we were the first to understand the viability of this premium cotton—typically used in men’s shirts—for luxury bed linens, launching our best selling collection in 2008 to critical acclaim.


SFERRA GIZA 45® Collection is a premier range of bed linens collected and coveted by designers, tastemakers, jetsetters, and celebrities around the globe.


It’s spun, woven, and sewn in Italy from Giza 45 cotton, a special genus of cotton, renowned as ‘The Queen of Egyptian Cotton’ for its exceptional quality and superior performance.



Here’s what makes our Giza 45 bed linens so special:


Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is a rare and prized commodity, valued for it uniquely exalted characteristics: extra- long and super-thin fibers, high-grade quality, optimum strength, and noteworthy durability.


Our most trusted Italian weaver developed state-of-the- art technologies to be able to achieve a spun yarn of the most exquisite fineness from Giza 45 extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton.


The resultant super-thin yarns possess incredible strength due to the inherent qualities of Giza 45 cotton (see below for more detail).


Once woven, our GIZA 45 Collection of bed linens is endowed with an especially sleek hand and luxuriously supple drape—almost like a silk, but cool and comfortable like a cotton—creating a sleep experience like no other.


SFERRA GIZA 45 bed linens are both extravagant and practical: while their luxury comfort is divine, its staying power makes it a smart investment.


Our GIZA 45 bed linens create such a singularly sublime experience, we can rightly say there is simply nothing else like it. And we’ll stake our GIZA 45 Collection as having the highest quality, greatest durability, and richest hand of any in the luxury linens arena.





Giza 45 cotton plants are sown in the perfect growing conditions of the fertile Nile River Delta in Egypt.


While there are several extra-long-staple Egyptian cottons available (Giza 45, Giza 70, Giza 87, Giza 88, and Giza 92) Giza 45 has the longest and finest staple fiber—and this is precisely what makes it ‘The Queen of Egyptian Cotton’, as these qualities make it strong and allow it to be spun and woven into a soft, supple fabric.


To note Giza 45 Egyptian cotton’s famed attributes:

  • Giza 45 cotton was hybridized in the late 1940’s, born in Egypt from the best cotton strains in the world and grown in perfect climatic conditions.
  • Cultiv ation of Giza 45 represents only half of one percent of all Egyptian cotton exported annually.
  • It is carefully tended and hand-cultivated so it may be picked at the absolute peak of its maturity, thus producing cotton with premier strength and resilience.
  • Hand-tended cotton yields a cleaner cotton boll, resulting in less processing and refinement during production, helping to maintain its essential quality characteristics and remarkable integrity.
  • Its extra -long-staple fiber (over 43mm in length) is also extraordinarily thin (2.95 micronaires) and highly uniform.
  • These thin cotton staple fibers can be spun into exceptionally fine (thin) yarns.
  • While super-thin, these cotton fibers possess a superior hardiness and noteworthy durability.
  • The finer the yarn, the finer the cloth that can be woven from it, such as our SFERRA GIZA 45 Percales, Sateens, Jacquards, and Luxe ultra-rich Sateen.  More about the difference between cotton percale & cotton sateen bed linens.
  • Giza 45 cotton has been traditionally used to weave luxury men’s shirting fabric, revered for its smooth, sleek, soft hand and premium comfort.

And lastly, we were the very first luxury linens purveyor to develop a bedding collection from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton—ours has been the popular favorite since 2008, and today remains the best available in the marketplace. INNOVATION IS OUR MUSE.


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