About Gussets and Down Pillows


What Is A Gusset?


Historically speaking, a gusset originated as an extra plate in the armpit of a suit of armor that allowed the knight to move while protecting him from being stabbed there. Today, gussets are used in many objects such as bags, clothing and bedding items. It's primary function in those things is to add strength and structure. For example, a gusseted bag will stand upright and hold more weight.


A gusset, when speaking of down pillows, is an extra panel of fabric around the edges of the pillow, creating a box like pillow structure.


image of a gusseted feather pillow
Feather Pillow With Gussets




Why Use Gusseted Pillows?


The idea is that the gussets will allow whatever the pillow is filled with to expand and provide more support in the space between your neck and the bed. For pillows with heavier fills such as foam pillows or feather pillows, this may be true, depending on the density of the feathers or foam.


The higher the density the more it will hold its shape when you lay your head down on it.


There may also be an aesthetic or marketing purpose. Gusseted pillows are often marketed to side sleepers. Visually, the gussets allow the pillow to expand and look more lofty when it is not being used. Although once the pillow is put in a pillow case it will usually conform to that case, which generally has a knife edge.




Why We Don't Make Gusseted Pillows


Plumeria Bay pillows are made with goose down. Goose down does not behave the same way that other pillow fillings do. Of course, the firmer the down pillow, the more support you will get, but adding a gusset does not improve this.


A quality goose down pillow will fill the spaces all around your head and provide excellent support without added gussets. Gussets on a down filled pillow will simply fold or collapse when weight is applied, they will not hold their shape or provide any extra support.


image of a feather pillow with compressed gusset
Feather Pillow With Compressed Gusset



Our many years of creating quality down pillows has shown us that adding gussets to our pillows would not add any support or improve our product in any way. A well sewn traditional knife edge pillow shell filled to the correct firmness with high quality goose down will provide you with excellent support for a restful nights sleep. No matter what position you sleep in.


A down pillow with knife edge construction - no gussets
A Standard Size Cascade Made™ 700 Fill Medium Pillow



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