How to Choose the Right Pillow Case for Your Down Pillow

How Important Are Pillow Cases?


Pillow cases, the way they fit your pillow, and the fabric they are made with, can dramatically improve (or hinder) your enjoyment of your down pillow, and the quality of your sleep.


The size of your pillow case can affect the way your pillow feels. A pillow case that is smaller in width than your down pillow can cause the pillow to feel firmer than it should (unless that is what you prefer), because the smaller pillow case will restrict your down pillow and provide less room for the down to move and expand as the pillow is compressed.


A pillow case (and cotton pillow protector) that is as large, or larger than your pillow will allow the goose down in your pillow to move and expand, and your goose down pillow to feel the way it was designed to feel.


There is not a "standard" size for pillow cases. The dimensions can very from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Our Sferra pillow cases are 22" wide. The St. Geneve pillow cases are 20" wide. The Schlossberg of Switzerland pillow cases are 21" wide. Our cotton percale pillow protectors are 21" wide.


Most down pillows (standard, queen, and king size), including ours, are 20" wide.  Some pillow cases are smaller than this. If you want your pillow to be able to move freely - loft and compress without being restricted, your pillow case and pillow protector should be at lease as wide, or wider, than the pillow. Length of the pillow case does not affect how the pillow will loft.


The fabric your pillow cases and bed linens are made with can also enhance your sleep environment. If sleep warmer, a good quality Percale would be a great choice.  Percale bed linens sleep cooler, which can be especially nice during the hot summer months. Sateen bed linens are warmer and are wonderful for those who sleep cold. It's helpful to use the fabric that best fits your life.  More about cotton percale and sateen bed linens and how to decide which is right for you.


Now that you have the best pillow and the best pillow cases, here are some tips to care your down pillow and care for your bed linens, to help you get the longest life and the most enjoyment from them.




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