About Fill Power & Choosing Your Down Pillow


The quality of the goose down, measured by "Fill Power", that you choose will affect the feel and perhaps the longevity of your pillow.  Here's some things to keep in mind that will (hopefully) help when choosing your down pillow.



Fill Power is a way to measure the size of the goose down cluster.  The higher the fill power number, the larger the down cluster.  A higher fill power also usually indicates a higher quality down, with less "fiber" etc.  What does this mean when deciding which pillow to choose?


Larger down clusters will trap more air, compared to smaller down clusters.  So, a down pillow with 800 fill power goose down will feel a bit more "airy" and less prone to compacting, allowing you to sleep more "in" the pillow, compared to a 700 fill power down pillow.  The difference is not dramatic but it is noticeable, especially when the down is new, fresh and clean.


These differences are perhaps more noticeable with the Soft or Medium down pillows, where the 700 fill pillow will not feel as "airy" compared to the 800 fill pillow, since the 700 fill power clusters are smaller and will compact more easily. 


This changes a bit with the Firm and Extra Firm pillows, where more down is used and the larger down clusters help to make a pillow with higher fill power down more firm and supportive compared to a lower fill power goose down.


The goose down clusters in our 900 fill power down pillow are exceptionally large.  Watch the video below to see the difference in how our 900 fill power pillow compresses and lofts, compared to the 700 & 800 fill powers.


A higher quality larger fill power goose down cluster will also last longer and retain it's structure and resilience, compared to a lower fill power down.


Compare The 700, 800 & 900 Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

Watch this video to see the difference between our Cascade Made™ 700 Fill Power, 800 Fill Power & 900 Fill Power Standard Size Medium Firmness Goose Down Pillows.




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