Unboxing Your New Down Comforter

image of sealed shipping box

Hurray! It's New Down Comforter Day!

Here's our short and sweet guide to unboxing your new Plumeria Bay® down comforter


Use caution if using a sharp tool, such as a box cutter, to open the box. You don't want to slice through the cardboard into the comforter. The tape that seals the box is easy to remove by hand, so using a box cutter or other sharp tool is not really necessary.

untaped box

down comforter in storage bag, in shipping box

Remove the comforter from the cotton storage bag and give the comforter a few good shakes as you lay it out on your bed. Keep the storage bag for future use.


Here's a short video of our Cascade Made™ 900 Ultra Light down comforter.  This warmth level, and the fabric we use for the Cascade Made™ 900, is extraordinarily light in weight.  Notice how long the comforter just seems to slowly float down until it finally lays flat on the bed. 



At first, when you've just taken your comforter out of the box, the comforter may appear to be surprisingly (distressingly?) flat. Have no fear! This is because the down has been compressed when fitting the comforter into the storage bag and then into the shipping box. The down, and your comforter, will begin to relax and fluff almost immediately.


After a couple of hours the down will have recovered quite a bit. You will likely notice that your comforter will get even fluffier over the next few days, even up to a week or two, as it acclimatizes to your environment.


Need Help choosing the right warmth level for your down comforter?  Check out our down comforter Warmth Guide.


Our comforters have small loops on each corner of the comforter. These "duvet loops" are used to fasten your duvet cover (many duvet covers have ties on the inside, at each corner) if you wish, to help prevent the duvet from shifting around inside the duvet cover.


We've found that most of the time these ties are not necessary, especially if the duvet is a bit larger than the duvet cover, but some fabrics can be more slippery than others, causing your duvet to shift around in the cover, so it is nice to have this option. More tips on how to use a duvet cover.


Next, simply enjoy your new Plumeria Bay® duvet!





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