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Cleanliness Standards For Plumeria Bay® Down

The down used in Plumeria Bay® down comforters, pillows and featherbeds is cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards of purity & cleanliness.


  • Our down is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years. Learn more about our goose down.
  • Sanitized, with bacteria, dust and dander eliminated for enduring cleanliness.
  • A special ozone treatment is used as the final step in the cleaning process, to ensure a lifetime of freshness.
  • All odors are eliminated.
  • The Zurguard® system treats down in a more careful and gentle manner, compared to traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods.
  • The down fibers are not damaged and never get over-dried or brittle. This ensures that the original natural resiliency is maintained and that the down will not go flat.
  • This cleaning system does not artificially enhance the loft of down. You will not be disappointed later on by a product that loses volume and warmth.
  • Our down exceeds all government standard for purity and cleanliness.
  • Our minimum standard for turbidity is 900 to 1000 mm & oxygen at 2 or less. This is very clean and far exceeds any government standards.






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