Cleanliness Standards For Plumeria Bay® Down

The down used in our down comforters, down pillows and featherbeds is cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards of purity & cleanliness.  This is especially important to those concerned about allergies.


  • Our down is sanitized and considered to be hypoallergenic. Learn more about our goose down.
  • The Goose Down used in our Cascade Made™ down comforters & down pillows is Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Washed gently, multiple times, with specialized environmentally friendly detergents that help to maintain the natural balance of oils in the down clusters.
  • Gently dried multiple times.
  • De-dusted with dust and dander eliminated.
  • This process provides you with down that will be resilient, fluffy and durable for years to come, with proper care.
  • Our down exceeds all government standards for purity and cleanliness, including the U.S. and Japan.
  • Our minimum standard for turbidity is 600 to 1000 mm & oxygen at 4.8 or less. This is very clean and meets or exceeds industry standards for "Hypo-allergenic" or "Super-Clean", etc. down.
  • You can review the actual test results for cleanliness, fill power and more, of the actual down that will be used in your Cascade Made™ down comforter or Cascade Made™ down pillow by clicking on the RDS lot number that is on the product page for all Cascade Made™ down comforters and pillows.







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