A women laying in bed with tissues surrounding her. She is blowing her nose with her head resting on a pillow.

Am I Allergic to Down?


When I was a kid, my mom has this old feather pillow that was lumpy and always poked me. I would lay on it and feel the urge to sneeze (not a great first impression of a feather/down bedding). This experience always made me think I must be allergic to feather/down products.


For most people, having an allergy specific to down is very uncommon.  That awful allergy-like urge-to-sneeze feeling you are having is most likely a reaction to dust and dust mites.  Plumeria Bay® down is cleaned so thoroughly that it is rated hypoallergenic.


Dust mites are these pesky microscopic creatures that enjoy being near humans and make their homes in comfy places (our bedding). They aren't just attracted to down; they love synthetic materials just as much.


These little pests and the dander they leave behind is what most people have an allergy to. It's extremely common as well, approximately 20 million Americans alone suffer from an allergy to dust mites.


Don't let those little critters get in the way of having lovely down bedding. Keep the humidity down and your room and bedding clean & you shouldn't have any issues with your pillows and duvet making you sneezy!


If you are actually allergic to feathers or down, there is nothing that can be done to treat or alter the molecular structure of down to reduce the allergic reaction.



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