Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Silk Filled Comforter
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Queen Size Silk Filled Comforter

Down Alternative - Cotton Covered Silk Filled Comforter - Queen Size Down Alternative - Cotton Covered Silk Filled Comforter - Queen Size
Down Alternative - Cotton Covered Silk Filled Comforter - Queen SizeDetail of the Plumeria Bay Cotton Covered Silk Filled Comforter

Queen Size Silk Filled Comforter

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Down Alternative Silk Filled Comforter - Queen Size

  • Filled with the finest Wild Tussah Silk.
  • The silk batting will not shift or bunch.
  • Beautiful 290 thread count 100% cotton jacquard covering.
  • Available in a light weight year around warmth.
  • Free Shipping: Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks.


Pure Cotton

Covered With 290 Thread Count 100% Cotton Jacquard


Pure Silk

These fine silk comforters are hand quilted and filled with the finest hand layered Wild Tussah silk. These fine silken strands combine to form delicate yet resilient layers of silk batting that flows with you.

A silk fiber is stronger than an equal size filament of steel, but oh, so much softer. These silk fibers adhere to each other so you will not experience clumping, bunching or thinning out of the fill.

Silk is breathable & wicks moisture aways from the skin which helps to regulate body temperature and provide comfort.

Our Silk Comforters are filled with the following amounts of 100% Wild Tussah Silk:

  • Twin Silk Comforters - 2.2 lbs Silk
  • Queen Silk Comforters - 2.91 lbs Silk
  • King Silk Comforters - 3.49 lbs Silk

Warmth Levels

Warmth Levels

The cotton covered silk filled comforter provides a light warmth suitable for year around use.


These Silk Filled Comforters

Are naturally hypoallergenic and are an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to down, yet want a natural product without synthetic fills or fabric. Silk is also inhospitable to dust mites, molds and mildews.


With Proper care, your Plumeria Bay® Natural Silk comforter will last for many years.

  • Use a Duvet Cover. These silk silled comforters can not be washed or dry cleaned
  • Hand spot wash, if necessary, in lukewarm water. Use a mild non-alkaline soap such as baby shampoo or Ivory liquid. Do not soak.
  • Roll in a towel to extract water. Do not wring.
  • Do not wash or bleach.
  • Avoid contact with Peroxide or perfume (the alcohol in perfumes, deodorants, etc. can damage silk.)


Your Satisfaction

Is guaranteed. Return unused within 30 days, for any reason. 5 Year Warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

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