About Pillow Ear


What Is Pillow Ear?


Have you ever woken up and noticed your ear hurts? Maybe it feels sore, raw or like you've slept on a rock? Pillow ear is ear pain caused by pressure on certain parts of your ear for extended periods of time. 


What Causes Pillow Ear?


People who sleep on one side of their body more than the other and for long periods of time are most susceptible to pillow ear, but it's not just the sleeping position that causes it. The kind of pillow you are using may also cause issues. If your pillow is too hard, or raises your head up too high, pillow ear rears it's ugly head. 


How To Prevent Pillow Ear


Using a good quality goose down pillow, and fluffing it daily, is a great way to help prevent pillow ear.


If you are a side sleeper you could try to switch sides more ofter during the night, if you tend to wake up and adjust often this could work for you. However, if you tend to sleep through the night and don't want to have to wake up and roll over, you can try to adjust your pillow rather than your behavior.


The harder or firmer the pillow the more pressure it puts on your ear. If you notice that your pillow pushes your head up past your shoulders, you may want to switch to a less firm fill. What your pillow is filled with can also make a big difference. Goose down is very different than feathers or synthetic fills. It allows for a firmer pillow with much less pressure than an alternative fill.


Caring for your pillow is also important to help prevent the dreaded pillow ear. Keep your pillow clean and dry. A dirty, damp pillow can cause much more than just a throbbing pain on the outside of your ear, it can actually contribute to ear infection.


Always use a pillow protector and a nice soft pillow case (rough pillow case fabric means friction).  If you're using a goose down pillow fluff it daily. Simply picking up your pillow and giving it a few good shakes from end to end and side to side each day will help keep the pillow at it's cloud like best, and you can say "goodbye" to pillow ear!



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