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Sleep Routine

Are Sleep Routines Important?


Did you have a sleep routine when you were a kid? As we grow up, we tend to ditch those routines, thinking we are too old for them. Instead of growing out of them, we should let them grow with us!



Routines before bed are a huge step in getting a good night's sleep. Your body and mind will thank you for giving them a good night's sleep.



Everyone's routine will be different, each person needs to decide for themselves the amount of time they feel they need to have a successful routine. How long do you want to give yourself to wind down before bed, one hour? Two hours? Giving yourself a sufficient amount of time is a wonderful place to start.



Our personal favorite part of the bedtime routine is bedding! Goose down pillows,  a cozy down comforter and fresh bed linens can help create your perfect relaxing dream cuddling nest.



It's helpful to create a relaxing ambiance. This could mean some quiet relaxing music, using battery-operated candles, string lights, or lamps to set the calming indirect light. Even scents (such as lavender) can drastically help you create a more relaxing environment.


Shower or Bath?

Are you a day or night shower person? If you are struggling to get good sleep it might be time to consider a nighttime shower or bath. A warm bath before bed can relax and regulate body temperature to be ready for sleep.


And Finally...

The last tip and possibly the most difficult for some of us is to put away the technology (easier said than done). Give yourself about an hour break from the TV, laptop, phone, and anything else that emits blue light before bed. Try reading a book to help your mind wind down for the evening!


Who knew structure and routine could be so relaxing? We hope these ideas help you create the sanctuary your dreams deserve.



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