Our Review of the Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress

This review is our opinion only. We purchased our Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress and have not been compensated in any way for this review.


This Avocado mattress is the 3rd mattress that we've tried, in what is becoming The Great Mattress Search of 2021-2022.  Also see our review of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress, our review of the Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze mattress and last, but not least, our review of the Intellibed Nightfall mattress.


The Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress - First Impressions


I was watching as the delivery people unloaded our mattress from the truck, and was more than a little surprised as they dropped the mattress from the back of the delivery truck, from a height of at least 4', onto a blanket they had spread over the concrete.  The mattress hit the concrete on it's edge and appeared to buckle pretty severely.   Perhaps that explains what followed?


They managed to get the mattress into the house and setup on the base with no further incident.  Once the delivery guys were gone I laid myself down on the mattress and...  I could feel the coil springs.  I had to mentally pause and readjust - could this really be real?  Yes, it is.  Well, "maybe" I say to myself, maybe it's not that bad.


Maybe what I felt is the stark difference between our recently departed memory foam Tempurpedic and the "17 Premium Layers of organic and natural latex, wool, silk, hemp & cotton, and over 1,400 individually wrapped pocketed coils" that the Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress is constructed with.


The Avocado Organic Luxury Hybrid Matress


A Beautifully Made Mattress

The Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress is beautifully made.  It comes in 2 versions, the "Standard" which we purchased, and the "Plush" version.  Avocado rates the Standard version at a 5/10 for firmness, and the "Plush" at 3/10.  I prefer a mattress with some support, yet I am a side sleeper so require some "give" as well.  Avocado recommends the Standard 5/10 firmness for side sleepers, so it seemed like the way to go.


To me, this mattress was more like a 7/10 or maybe even a bit firmer.  It was definitely firmer than our Tempurpedic, which was classified as a Firm.


Avocado does ask that you give the new mattress some time as you adjust to the feel of the mattress.  After a couple of days, the feel of the coils had pretty much disappeared (really weird), but after a couple of months the mattress still seemed extraordinarily firm despite the 17 layers of latex, silk, hemp, wool and cotton goodness and umpteen bazillion coils. So I called Avocado.


The fabric on the Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress is very soft and comfortable. 

Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze Mattress



Avocado Customer Service

The Avocado representative that I spoke with was very helpful.  She said that her experience with the same model mattress was pretty much the same, but that the use of a "topper" solved the issue for her.  She offered to send us a topper (I believe it was this one) free of charge.  I gratefully accepted.  I did mention that the delivery of the mattress was a bit rough, wondering if that had anything to do with how the mattress was performing.  That line of questioning did not go anywhere.  Understandably I suppose.  There was really no way to know.


The topper arrived, and it did make a slight difference, but after an additional month of "giving it a chance" it became clear that, while the customer service was excellent, and the mattress beautifully made, the addition of the topper did not make enough of a difference, in comfort or aesthetics (the topper did not really fit the mattress and looked like what it was, an "add-on"), for me to think that this was an acceptable solution for a mattress that cost nearly $5,000.00.


Avocado arranged to have the mattress picked up by ShareTown.  I'm not quite sure how this works - the impression given is that the mattress will be donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, but a closer look seems to indicate the mattresses may be being resold for profit.  I have no problem with the mattress being resold, it's certainly much better than a perfectly good mattress going to a landfill.  I just wish there was a little more transparency here.


Conclusion - The Avocado Never Ripened

I would love to give an Avocado mattress another try - maybe one of the "Soft" 3/10 Plush versions.  One that was not dropped off the truck like a sack of potatoes.  But then again...  I was more than a little surprised to see that the ShareTown folks were able to fold this mattress in half, to fit in a big bag in the back of their pickup truck.   How does that work, folding the mattress in half with all of these coils and stuff?  You got me, but I sure hope they are giving this mattress away and not selling it. 


The Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress - End View



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