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Cascade Made™ 900 European Square Goose Down Pillow Medium (21oz)

The Cascade Made™ 900 Goose Down Pillow - European Square

Cascade Made™ 900 European Square Goose Down Pillow Medium (21oz)

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The Cascade Made™ 900 Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow - European Square - Medium

The Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 900 euro square down pillow is made with the finest German milled down proof fabric and filled with 900 Fill Power RDS Hungarian White Goose Down, to order.  Usually ships within 1 to 5 business days.




  • Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified


    The 900 Fill Power Hungarian white goose down used in this pillow is identified by the Lot # below*:

    TrackMyDown16020918356  Click on this number to see the certified origin and tested specifications for Fill Power, Cleanliness and Content for this lot of goose down

    *actual lot # may vary depending on inventory at the time your pillow is made, down specification may vary slightly.


900 Fill Power

Cascade Made™ 900 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down

Cascade Made™ 900 pillows are filled with 900 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down.  Fill Power is a way to measure the size of the down cluster.  A larger down cluster will offer more fluff, support and resilience (bounce), compared to a smaller down cluster. 

The Cascade Made™ 900 Hungarian White Goose Down is a rare quality extra large cluster goose down. 


Goose down fill power comparison of 550, 600, 700, 800 and 900 fill power goose down clusters


Cascade Made™ 900 With Responsibly Sourced Goose Down

Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified


Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 900 fill power Hungarian white goose down pillows are filled using only RDS certified goose down.


This means that all of our goose down is traced, from farm to us, and is certified to come from geese that have been humanely treated.  Learn more about the Responsible Down Standard


This goose down is processed and cleaned in the U.S.A., using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly biodegradable non-phosphate, non-ionic soap and recycled water.  The down is washed multiple times, thoroughly dried and de-dusted.


This cleaning process results in a goose down that is sterilized and certified allergen free, and ensures that your down will have it's maximum loft, resilience and life.



Soft, Medium or Firm?

How to Choose Your Cascade Made™ 900 Down Pillow Firmness

Choose the Soft Down Pillow if you sleep on your stomach


The Medium down pillow if you sleep on your back, or if you are petite or small shouldered and sleep on your side.


The Firm down Pillow is for side sleepers, unless you are petite or small shouldered. If that's you, you may want to consider our Medium firmness.


We also offer an Extra Soft, and an Extra Firm, for you extra special people. You know who you are.


See Video of the: Extra Soft | Soft | Medium | Firm | Extra Firm pillows.


More information on how to choose a down pillow.




How To Care For Your Cascade Made™ 900 Goose Down Pillow

Fluff your pillow(s) daily. Simply give your pillow a couple of good shakes from end to end and side to side. It will love you for this!


The Cascade Made™ 900 down pillow is machine washable. We recommend that they be washed once or twice a year, but only if necessary. For more information about washing and caring for your down pillow, please click here.


The Cascade Made™ 900 down pillow comes with a lightweight breathable cotton storage bag that will help to keep your pillow fresh and clean while in storage.




Your Satisfaction

Is guaranteed. Return in new unused condition within 30 days, for any reason. Please note that there are no returns for custom fills.


Our Down Pillow Perfect Fill™ Service

Our Perfect Fill Service - After you've slept with your Cascade Made™ 900 goose down pillow for a while, you may feel that a little more down, or perhaps a little bit less, would make your pillow just right.


Anytime within the 1st year of your purchase, we'll add or remove as much down as you'd like. You pay only for the cost of any down added and shipping. Any down that is removed will be returned to you.


Your Cascade Made™ down pillow has a Limited Lifetime warranty against defects in materials or manufacture.  This warranty does not cover wear and tear, abuse or improper care, or down going flat due to soiling.


Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee and our Warranty for details.




Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 900 down pillows are new!  Please send us your review to let us and others know how we're doing!

Other Reviews

"I’ve wanted to tell you how much I love the pillow (Traditional Luxury, ed). I never thought I would spend over $300 on a single pillow, but the many comfortable nights it has provided have made it seem like a bargain! And after accumulating about a dozen different styles of down and down mix pillows from Pacific Feather searching for the perfect one, my single Plumeria Bay has been the pillow to end all searching!


"I am tremendously satisfied with my pillow!!! I am so pleased with my purchase and truly appreciate your wonderful customer service." Katharine, Kissimmee, FL


Please click here for more customer reviews



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