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Cascade Made™ 800 Batiste Down Comforter - German Size Light (14oz)

Cascade Made™ 800 Down Comforter - German Size

Cascade Made™ 800 Batiste Down Comforter - German Size Light (14oz)

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The Cascade Made™ 800 Batiste Down Comforter - German Size - Year Around Warmth

The Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 800 German size down comforter:  Featuring sealed baffled box construction to prevent the down from shifting from box to box, a luxuriously soft and lightweight Austrian milled down proof cotton Batiste and the finest quality 800 Fill Power RDS Certified Hungarian White Goose Down.


Also available as a Custom Fill with our exceptional quality 900 + Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down. Please inquire!


Designed by Plumeria Bay®, milled and sewn in Austria then filled and finished here in our home in the heart of the Pacific Northwest Cascade Mountains, the Cascade Made™ 800 down comforter is truly worthy of the lofty mountains it was born in.  Pure quality, with no compromise.


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  • Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified


    This Cascade Made™ goose down comforter is currently being filled with RDS Certified Hungarian white goose down, identified by the Lot # below*:

    TrackMyDown16021118397  Click on this number to see the certified origin and tested specifications for Fill Power, Cleanliness and Content for this lot of goose down

    *actual lot # may vary depending on inventory at the time your comforter is made, down specification may vary slightly.

800 Fill Power

Cascade Made™ 800 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down

Cascade Made™ 800 down comforters are filled with RDS Certified 800 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down.  Fill Power is a way to measure the size of the down cluster. 


A comforter filled with larger cluster down will be fluffier and insulate better than than a comforter filled with a smaller cluster down, assuming they are both filled with the same amount of down.  The Cascade Made™ 800 Hungarian White Goose Down is a excellent quality goose down.


Goose down fill power comparison of 550, 600, 700, 800 and 900 fill power goose down clusters


Cascade Made™ With Responsibly Sourced Goose Down

Plumeria Bay is RDS Certified


Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 800 down comforters are filled using only RDS certified and Oeko-tex certified 800 fill power Hungarian white goose down.


The RDS certification means that all of our goose down is traced, from farm to us, and is certified to come from geese that have been humanely treated.  Learn more about the Responsible Down Standard


This goose down is processed and cleaned in the U.S.A., using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly biodegradable non-phosphate, non-ionic soap and recycled water.  The down is washed multiple times, thoroughly dried and de-dusted.


This cleaning process results in a goose down that is sterilized and certified allergen free, and ensures that your down will have it's maximum loft, warmth and life.


Made With The Finest Austrian Milled & Sewn Down Proof Cotton Batiste

Cascade Made™ and Hefel

Cascade Made™ Featuring Hefel Batiste Down Proof Ticking


Hefel, established in 1907, is a leading innovator in the research and development of techniques to produce the finest down proof fabrics in the world.  Hefel is a family owned and operated business, as is Plumeria Bay.  They are committed to technical perfection and product quality.  As is Plumeria Bay.


Each Cascade Made™ 800 Batiste comforter shell is milled and sewn by Hefel, then filled with the best RDS Certified 800 fill power goose down and made into a gorgeous down comforter by us here in Washington State.


Our lightest fabric, it weighs a mere 2.71 ounces per square yard (92 grams per square meter).  There are even lighter down proof fabrics available, but they are not as strong (in our opinion).  This fabric is extraordinarily light, soft, down proof and strong.


The construction features a sealed baffled box design that virtually eliminates any chance of the down to migrate from box to box, with baffle ends sewn completely closed and an overlapped fill opening that is the best we've seen at sealing the baffles.


This 100% Cotton 307 thread count Batiste fabric is finished with a hydrophilic (it likes moisture) Aleo Vera finish.  This finish helps the fabric absorb and then wick away moisture, helping to provide a constant tempurature and a comfortable sleep.  It also helps to make this gorgeous fabric luxuriously soft to the touch.


In Summary,  The Hefel Batise fabric featured in our Cascade Made™ is an outstanding example of the finest down proof fabric, available anywhere, at any price.



Cascade Made™ 800 Construction Details

  • Available In: German Size | Twin | Queen | King | Super King
  • 100% Cotton 307 Thread Count Batiste
  • 2.71 oz per square yard
  • Sealed baffled box construction, so the down will not shift from box to box.
  • Breathable mesh baffle to allow the down in your comforter to do what it does best, absorb and evaporate moisture to help keep you comfortable.
  • Duvet Loops at each corner to secure your duvet cover to help prevent the comforter from shifting inside the cover.
  • Custom sizes are available.  Please allow approximately 10 to 12 weeks.


The Cascade Made™ 800 down proof fabric carries the Confidence in Textiles certification.


Confidence in Textiles


Each Plumeria Bay® Cascade Made™ 800 Down Comforter is made to order (filled and finished) right here in our Birdsview WA shop and usually ships within 2 to 5 days.


Warmth Levels

How To Choose Your Comforter Warmth Level

For Most People, a good choice for year around use would be our Cascade Made™ Light Warmth down comforter.


Also available in Ultra Light weight for warm bedrooms and summertime use and the Winter Weight for colder bedrooms (and year around use for cold sleepers).  For those of you with very cold bedrooms, we offer our very fluffy and warm Cascade Winter warmth for the ultimate in cozy.


We also offer custom "Dual Warmth" fills, where one side of the comforter is filled to one warmth level, and the other side filled to another warmth.


For more detailed information about our different down comforter warmth levels, please see our Down Comforter Warmth Guide.


We can add more down to your comforter, but we cannot remove it. Because of the quality of our goose down, many people are surprised at how warm our down comforters are.


If you are concerned about over heating, a good rule of thumb is to select a weight that is one weight lighter than you think will keep you comfortable. If, within 1 year of your purchase, you decide that you would like more down added, we charge the price difference between the warmth level you have and the warmth level that you would like (no labor or service charge), and return shipping.




Caring For Your Cascade Made™ 800 Down Comforter

Is easy! Fluff daily, and keep in a duvet cover.


Down works best when it is fluffy! Please do not sit or lay on top of your comforter for extended periods of time, or leave anything heavy on it.


Cascade Made™ 800 Down Comforters are machine washable.


Your Cascade Made™ down comforter comes with a breathable cotton storage bag that will help to keep your comforter fresh and clean while in storage.


More information about down comforter care, washing & storing.


Your Satisfaction

Is guaranteed. Return unused within 30 days, for any reason.  Please note that custom sizes, such as our "German Size", and custom fills, may not be returned.


The Cascade Made™ 800 down comforter has a Limited Lifetime warranty against defects in materials or manufacture. This includes custom sizes and custom fills.  This warranty does not cover wear and tear, abuse or improper care, or down going flat due to soiling.


Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee and our Warranty for complete details.

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